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Every hero starts somewhere. Squishing sculptures. Sewing circuits. Playing with power. Crafting and coding. Explore our range of creative tech kits for kids 4-12+ and begin shaping the future.

Electro Dough Plus
Ages: 4+

Electro Dough Plus

Explore fun ways to learn and play with electronic dough. Make creations that buzz and light up! This pack comes with a tube of six pots of Electro Dough.
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micro:bot Pack
Ages: 11+

micro:bot Pack

Everything kids need to build and code three different robots in one pack.
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Bright Creatures Kit
Ages 4+

Bright Creatures Kit

Hands-on learning about electricity and circuits with electro dough. Create fire-breathing dragon and penguins with glowing wings!
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Good bye weekend boredom! Club Make hosts 100s of projects that kids and parents can make together. Kid tested and parent approved. Sign-up to begin your adventure and become a tech master.

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Play and learning for all interests

From coding first-timers through to tech wizards - our platform is designed to empower kids to learn whilst expressing their imagination and creativity.

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We’re on a mission. To make every kid feel like a hero...

…To bring coding down to earth with a Kapow! Making it messy. And creative. And cool. To show mums, dads and grandparents that tech-time doesn’t have to mean screen-time. That skills they learned in school – like sewing, drawing or making rockets out of cardboard tubes – are all still part of the story. That anyone, and everyone, can do this. And that ‘this’ can be whatever you want it to be.

We’ve always believe that technology is the future. And not just for the coding wizards or the spaceship engineers. For all of us, big and little.

Our range of digital and physical toys combine education with play to create heroes. Teaching kids about tech doesn’t start with a Harvard diploma in quantum-computing science. It starts with a ‘PING’, the lighting up of a bulb and a smile from the world’s newest creator.

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