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Whether it's the Creative Coder introducing kids to block based coding or the best selling BBC Micro:bit for kids already loving code, this selection of kits will have something to suit you
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Our Gamer Kit teaches kids how to build their own handheld games console and invent their own retro games. Here's a selection of kits and bundles including the Gamer Kit


Our range of electronic toys to suit kids from aged 4 to 12 and above cover everything from craft using conductive Electro Dough to building your very own synth!

Award-Winning STEM Toys

Squishing sculptures. Sewing circuits. Playing with power.
Crafting and coding. What will you create?

As Seen In The Media

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"Finding the right balance in so-called STEM toys is incredibly difficult but its doable and, as Tech Will Save Us have proved, these toys don't have to be too boring or complex for the kids (and parents) who might buy them"
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"This kit beats your average Play-Doh! Electro Dough Plus includes six pots of dough which light up and vibrate once your child creates critters and correctly connects the simple circuits."
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"Enter Tech Will Save Us with two new kits that teach kids to learn to play with electromagnetic wireless power and conductive thread (setting them apart from other STEM gear)"

We’re on a mission...

To make every kid feel like a hero......To bring coding down to earth with a KAPOW! Making it messy. And creative. And cool. To show mums, dads and grandparents that tech-time doesn’t have to mean screen-time. Skills like sewing, drawing or making rockets out of cardboard tubes – are all still part of the story. We’ve always believed that technology is the future. And not just for the coding wizards or the spaceship engineers. Our range of digital and physical toys combine education with play to create heroes.

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