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Arcade Coder

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Design, code and invent your very own games on iPad. Watch them come to life on the Arcade Coder 🚀

Requires iPad iOS 11+. Full specs below.

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The games you played, made by the kids you love


The Arcade Coder is a tactile, programmable game console, empowering families to become confident and seriously playful game designers. This revolutionary new way to play and invent games will ignite everyone’s imagination and totally transform family game night forever.


Pre-loaded Classics


Getting started with the Arcade Coder is super easy… fully equipped with a rechargeable battery lasting for 6 hours with average use and hundreds of hours of content in the Games Studio app, including a range of ready to play classic games like PongSnake, and Whack-A-Mole, the fun begins straight out of the box for 1, 2, 3 or 4 players… the whole family!

tech will save us arcade coder pong game

Enter the Games Studio


The more families play, the more they learn. There are step by step tutorials to complete, accessed via the free Games Studio iOS App with new projects and challenges unlocked along the way. You can play and customise pre-coded games or invent brand new ones, totally from scratch using Sandbox Mode!

Paint or Play. It's Your Choice!


In addition to teaching kids game mechanics, the Arcade Coder also offers an exciting creative outlet — Painter Mode. In this mode, kids “paint” digital pictures with illuminating, multi-colored LED lights and animate them with those newfound coding skills. With this tool, kids get to express themselves creatively and artistically.



The Arcade Coder is The Winner of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award and of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award.

“The sequence of activities and projects is very intuitive and walks the user through each element of game design and production while providing plenty of playful opportunities for customisation and creativity along the way. Kids should really enjoy working through this kit, either by themselves, with peers, or with parents.”

Jennifer Wells, Parents’ Choice

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