Game Console + Board Game + Coding
= Family Game Night Re-Invented

The games you played made by the kids you love

The Arcade Coder is a tactile, programmable game console that teaches kids easy-to-learn block coding and how to design games themselves. Kids also learn the foundations of game mechanics. Best of all? The Arcade Coder supports up to 4 player games which makes it perfect for family game nights!

Create, Code and Play with the Games Studio

In the Games Studio iOS app, kids will learn how to design and code their games with the help of their assistant Game Designer. With over 500 hours of digital content including step by step video and animation based tutorials, projects, and challenges to complete, your family game night will be re-invented forever!

Play or paint. It's your choice!

The Arcade Coder doesn’t only teach kids about game mechanics and block coding and develop their problem-solving skills. It also offers an exciting creative outlet – Painter Mode. With Painter Mode, kids can paint digital images with help from the 144 multi-colored LED buttons and animate them with those newfound coding skills.

Arcade Coder

The Arcade Coder is a programmable game console that teaches kids how to design and code their own games for up to 4 players, reinventing family game night forever. Kids can customise pre-coded games or invent brand new ones, totally from scratch! By putting their coding skills into practice, they can even experiment with illuminated LED animations.

Pre-Order now for delivery from October 31st, 2019.

  • Create and animate games
  • Hours of family fun
  • Easy to learn block coding

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