What is micro:bit?

The micro:bit is a powerful, pocket-sized computer loved by kids, parents & educators alike. It’s compact, programmable and capable of amazing things.

Designed in collaboration with the BBC micro:bit Educational Foundation, the micro:bit encourages kids to solve real-world problems with technology.


What can the micro:bit do?

Featuring 25 LEDs and 2 programmable buttons, you can flash messages, design games or even create wearable devices. With its accelerometer, built-in compass and Bluetooth connectivity – the possibilities are endless.

Coding in seconds!

Designed to be fun and accessible. It can be coded right away – light up its LEDs or display a pattern. No prior knowledge of computing is required.

Used by over 25 million kids worldwide

micro:bit for students

Encourage students to solve real-world problems whilst developing core skills in science, technology and engineering.

Designing code and creating projects are great ways to build a better understanding of ICT and electronics as well as giving their computational thinking skills a boost.

micro:bit for teachers

Fundamental to the success of the micro:bit, the BBC and partners worked closely with teachers, educators and schools to ensure its success in the classroom.

100% of teachers agree it’s a useful teaching tool and more than half have said it increased their confidence as a teacher, especially those who don’t feel as confident teaching Computing.

Read more about the positive impact of micro:bit for teachers here. 

90% of students said the micro:bit showed them anyone can code.

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