Start teaching with micro:bit

Our micro:bit Starter Kit Education Pack gives you everything you need to start using micro:bit with your students.

Diversify your use of micro:bit with our Education Extension Packs

As a partner in the creation of micro:bit, we’ve used our in-depth knowledge to create a range of extension products so you can extend your students’ micro:bit experience. All projects come with step-by-step digital instructions & all the necessary materials.

Build complimentary skills with micro:bit workshop packs

Combine micro:bit starter kits with extension packs to give students the full micro:bit experience. Develop a range of STEAM skills with micro:bit projects that compliment & build on each other.

tech will save us micro:bit extension kits

Extend learning further through lesson plans

Our lesson plans are the perfect compliment to our micro:bit packs. Includes a series of 50-minutes sessions, adding up to 12 weeks of lessons.

tech will save us micro:bit

Learn more about BBC micro:bit

Discover loads more about the micro:bit and how to use it on our blog.
microbit vs arduino vs raspberry pi what's the difference?

micro:bit vs. Arduino vs. Raspberry Pi

Let's get into the nitty gritty on how the micro:bit is different to some of the other pocket sizes boards out there.

What are wearables?

When you first hear about wearables, the first things to come to mind are smart-watches and fit-trackers, right? Well, there’s so much more!

Why is creativity important in education?

There’s been an increased call for boosting creativity in schools in recent years, culminating with the final report from the Durham Commission on Creativity and Education in the UK.