Start creating with micro:bit

Don't have the micro:bit yet? Our micro:bit gives you everything you need to discover this pocket-sized computer's world of possibilities.

Make more with your micro:bit

Designing the micro:bit in partnership with the BBC gave us in-depth knowledge on how it works. We’ve used that knowledge to create a range of add-on products that expand the micro:bit experience in a sustainable way.

tech will save us micro:bit

Experience more with micro:bit bundles

Push the limits of the BBC Micro:bit with these carefully curated bundles. Each bundle allows kids to tap into different themesfrom making robots to making the Micro:bit keep score of a table-soccer game. The possibilities are endless!

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Learn more about BBC micro:bit

Discover loads more about the micro:bit and how to use it on our blog.
microbit vs arduino vs raspberry pi what's the difference?

BBC micro:bit vs Arduino vs Raspberry Pi

Let's get into the nitty-gritty on how the micro:bit is different from some of the other pocket sizes boards out there.

What are wearables?

When you first hear about wearables, the first things to come to mind are smart-watches and fit-trackers, right? Well, there’s so much more!

Micro:bit, not just for schools

When it was launched in the UK, micro:bit was a historic moment for schools, parents & most importantly, KIDS!