2018 Tech Trends Round-Up

Wow! 2018 has been an exciting and controversial year in the world of technology and innovation.

Daniel and Bethany, co-founders of Tech Will Save Us, Ash (7), baby (in beta)

Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, 3D printing, artificial embryos, advances in agricultural technology – are exciting to some and scary to others. Parents continue to debate the pros and cons of screen time. Schools still struggle to keep up with delivering the right technology skills to prepare kids for the future. The fourth industrial revolution is here, and keeping up with all of the changes and 2018 tech trends is head-spinning.

To empower you with more information on these trends, read what Chris Catton, our head of product, and others in Tech Will Save Us community found exciting in the world of technology in 2018:

Chris Catton – Head of Product, father of Arthur (6) and Fred (2)

Smart Speakers –  It was reported that 39 million Americans now own a smart speaker – up 128% from 2017. Our first home assistant, Alexa, has never played “Everything is Awesome” so many times or answered so many questions on the great fire of London. Voice controlled technology products are proliferating and finding great use in products for the elderly.

Kelly Lees – Chief Marketing Officer, mother of Lilly (14) and Flannery (12)

Virtual Reality – This year I have been blown away by the intersection of art and technology. Our family traveled to Berlin to see the “Stories of Jerusalem” VR series at the Jewish Museum. This exhibit had an immediate impact on all of us. VR content has the power to inspire true empathy by placing you the “virtual” shoes of others.

Liam Fisher – Manager of Digital, father to Gabriel (5)

4DX cinema – My son Gabriel and I were excited to see Avengers Infinity War in 4DX. The 4DX  took the movie experience to a new level. The addition of seat motion, wind and other effects really made this movie more of an “event”. As consumers have more home viewing watching options at home the traditional cinema is really leveraging new technology to enable a more interactive and fun experience.

Sadhbh Doherty – Product Manager, Auntie to many!

Augmented Reality – Who doesn’t love the AR emojis that have been integrated into the latest smartphones?! The level of creativity and interaction offered by AR makes us think of toy from many different perspectives – the mixture of physical and digital are blending in exciting ways.

Tim Barber – People and Talent Lead, father of William (3) and Ella (1)
Insight Probe – We were all in awe of seeing the Insight Probe land on Mars on 6 December. It will be exciting to see what it digs up! The significance of what we might find on Mars cannot be understated. It’s so important to introduce our kids to the mystery and possibilities that scientific exploration provides.

Daniel Hirschmann – Co-Founder of Tech Will Save Us, father of Ash (7)
Artificial Intelligence – AI in consumer electronics is beginning to ‘get there’. From the growing range of Google Home’s and Amazon Alexa’s, to the integration of Cortana, Bigsby, Siri, and Google Assistant into a wide range of consumer electronics. We’re starting to see some really helpful behaviours emerge such as setting up routines that simplify day to day life. This automation will help simplify our heavily connected lives and spend less time staring at screens!

Happy Holidays & Thank you!

As we head towards years end we want to thank our customers who continue to inspire us with their innovation and creativity. From the 8-year-old Arthur who invented a toothbrush timer with the Creative Coder Kit to 4-year-old Vivienne who crafted a blinking Christmas tree with Electro Dough – the ingenuity and imagination of our community make us feel very positive about the future!

Thank you for your support and happy holidays!

Bethany, Daniel & the rest of the team at Tech Will Save Us

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