The Women of Tech Will Save Us: Amanda

Tuesday 8th March

Who are you? 


What do you do at Tech Will Save Us?

Digital Marketing Executive

Why do you love technology?

It has completely revolutionised  the way we live our lives, the things we can do with tech nowadays is incredible. 

Companies like Tesla are doing amazing things with their cars, they have introduced a new Autopilot feature that enhances the safety and convenience of their cars. They also have insanely cool  computer dashboards on their cars that control every aspect of the car.

What’s your favourite piece of tech?

MY PHONE!  I use it so much I have to carry around a spare charger wherever I go. It aids me with every part of my day, from waking me up in the morning, letting me know when the next train will arrive at the station to providing my entertainment on my journey to and from work. 

My phone has saved my butt in so many situations I owe it my life!

Which woman inspired you most to get into your field?

It was actually my dad, he was always encouraging me to play video games when I was younger, you would usually find me in the front room playing Donkey Kong on my GameCube. 

This got me interested in tech and how things like coding come together to make these games. I went in to marketing because I wanted to be part of the movement that encourages children to embrace tech the same way I had when I was younger.

If you could have a beer with any other woman in tech who would it be?

Margaret Hamilton who was the lead software engineer for the Apollo project. 

I have so many questions about tech and about being a female in such an environment.

Any words for aspiring tech stars?

As a female in tech, unfortunately you will meet people that will have some negative assumptions about you, whether they explicitly express it or show it subtly with their actions.  

Don’t let this get you down, just keep at it and you will see that your hard work will pay off.