Top 5 activities to keep the kids learning this October break

It can be difficult keeping the kids entertained any time they’re not at school! October break is a particularly ‘tricky’ time (puns intended) as kids brains are still active from school. We’ve come up with a few activities that will be sure to spark their imagination whether they want to get out and about, or stay inside for some free play (and warmth).

1. Start preparing for Halloween

Halloween is just a week away! So, if you haven’t gotten around to getting ready for it, now is a great time! What better way to build on your creative superpowers than making your own custom Halloween costumes? Browsing sites like Pinterest will give you countless ideas and inspiration. Not only will your kids be able to build on their creativity, but it’s a great family activity for everyone! Get some costume inspo for the spookiest night of the year here!

2. Join a creative workshop

Did you know that kids learn best from experience¹? There are so many experiences this school break to really keep the kids smiling and learning, whether it’s visiting the Exploratorium, or the Design Museum – there’s so much to chose from. To make your search easier,  just head straight to event website Eventbrite to view a collection of awesome activities in one place!

If you’re in London this school break, we’re hosting our own workshop on 27th October along with Fire Tech, where we’ll be crafting spooky badges that light up using the Electro Thread from our new Sew & Glow Kit. Click here to read more!

3. Attend Comic Con

From Friday 26th to Sunday 28th October, Comic Con is coming to London. At the ultimate pop culture convention, kids will be exposed to cool gadgets, exclusive TV/gaming content, and maybe even get to meet some of their favourite stars! For example, BBC will be hosting their first ever official Doctor Who Stand this year, and video games studio Bandai Namco are bringing a brand new VR experience to this year’s Comic Con.


4. Take some gadgets with you on vacation!

Maybe you’ve planned a trip somewhere away from home, or maybe it’s a staycation. With no TV or computers, it can get exhausting to come up with new ways to engage the kids! Take a look around your house and find something exciting to get them learning about tech while expressing their creative superpowers and having fun.

5. Find creative inspiration at Club Make

We’ve created hundreds of tutorials over at Club Make! From light-up superhero badges to customised lightsabers, and even crafting your own companion robot, we guarantee there’s fun to be had with any and all of our kits. But not to worry if you don’t have any of our kits (yet!) We run monthly contests to get kids imaginative and creative, and our winners receive free kits. Right now, we’re hosting a contest for the coolest modded Halloween costume – so get sending in your pics and then coolest will win one of our brand new Light Racer Kits!