5 Creative Ways To Celebrate National STEAM Day

National STEAM STEM Day

Today is National STEAM/STEM Day, which is the perfect opportunity for you and your kids to get creative, talk about science and technology and build something together. We came up with 5 creative ways to celebrate and inspire your kids with hands on technology.

What is STEAM/STEM and why is it important?

First things first, STEAM is Science Technology Engineering Art and Math, all very important skills kids need to learn growing up, and it is being introduced to national curriculums worldwide. National STEAM/STEM Day is all about inspiring your kids to learn about technology through creative play, combining learning with fun projects for the whole family. Want to know how? Keep reading!

1. Make a toothbrush trainer with your Creative Coder

National STEAM Day - Creative Coder toothbrush trainer

STEAM Points: 3/5 for Science, Technology and Math

Teach your kids basic coding skills and make tooth brushing fun with this creative make. Your kids can program their Creative Coder to count down their brushing time and which will celebrate after the 2 minutes with a flashing rainbow light show.

See how to make it here

2. Make a light up t-shirt with Sew & Glow

National STEAM Day - Light-up t-shirt

STEAM Points: 3/5 for Technology, Engineering and Art

Transform your kids’ old t-shirts into wearable tech works of art using Electro Thread and LEDs from the Sew & Glow Kit. Cut out faces, animals and cool shapes to stitch to the t-shirt, sew in the lights and battery and your kid will be ready to shine. Perfect for getting to grips with circuits and electronics without even knowing.

See how to make it here

3. Create a magic table with your Light Racer

National STEAM Day - Magic wireless table

STEAM Points: 4/5 for Science, Technology, Engineering and Art

Discover the magic of wireless electricity and help your kids wow their friends with this fun DIY trick using a Light Racer. Get as creative as you like by decorating your table with drawings, cutout stars and colourful stickers. Warning: no actual magic involved, just cool technology!

See how to make it here

4. Build a light up football goal post with Electro Dough

National STEAM Day - Electro Dough football soccer goal

STEAM Points 4/5 for Science, Technology, Engineering and Art

Help your kids learn about electricity and circuits using an Electro Dough Kit. Make a conductive Electro Dough goal post with LEDs, create a foil football and attach the wires. Every time you score a goal your dough circuit will connect and light up – so flick your way to victory!

See how to make it here

5. Make a DIY boombox with your Speaker Kit

STEAM Points 4/5 for Science, Technology, Engineering and Art

Create your own boombox equipped with a fully functioning speaker from your Speaker Kit. This activity is perfect for kids who want to take on more advanced projects, including creating electronic circuits and soldering. You can spark your kids’ passion for music and technology and share your own nostalgic memories of real boomboxes (the good old days!)

See how to make it here

For more ways to get creative with tech for National STEAM/STEM Day and projects to spark your kids’ imagination have a look at Club Make. You can also see what other young inventors have created and share your kids’ makes with the community.