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Things To Do With The Kids This Summer: Tech Will Save Us x Museum Of Brands

Exclusive Electro Dough workshops & a fantastic toy exhibition at the Museum of Brands in London this summer!

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A summer with Electro Dough at Museum of Brands

Toys – as with many other objects in our lives including fashion, film and music, change with the times! They reflect our deepest values and interests as a society and characterise a specific period of time for human kind. Toys are no exception.

This summer, Tech Will Save Us has partnered with Museum of Brands (London) inviting you to take a tour into the history of toys: 1950s: Battle of the Toy Brands This new exhibition delves into the boom of new toys on the market in post-war Britain, prompting us to consider the ways in which toys are advancing into the future for the children of today. 

The 1950s heralded in a new era for toys in Britain. The end of World War II brought new creations, inventions and advancements that meant limitless fun for the nation’s children. Over 500 new toy manufacturers opened in Britain, each competing for the coveted space in children’s hearts. During the postwar era, new technologies enabled advancements in the games industry that still influence design until this very day. 

Now more than ever,  technology plays a vital role in modern toy design. With that said, we’re so excited to have a few of our iconic bestseller kits  including Creative Coder, Light Racer and Electro Dough be featured in a dedicated area to showcase how technology can inspire and encourage open ended play for today’s children. 

That’s not all. Together with the Museum of Brands, you and your little inventors will have the opportunity to get hands-on with our Electro Dough workshops. These will be running from 2 to 3 pm on weekdays at the museum until September 1.

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Workshops with educational STEM toys are good solution to that combat summer slump  while still allowing kids to decompress and have fun during the summer months. Daily workshops with Electro Dough at the Museum of Brands enable children to bring their dough-creations to life with light and sound. The perfect summer activity for the whole family!