Arcade Coder's Color Blast: Designed by Kids

We’re extremely excited for the launch of our latest game on the Arcade Coder: Color Blast! We’re thrilled about this game, not only because we love the challenge of matching the colors before time runs out, but also because it was designed in collaboration with one of our very own Arcade Coder users, Ewen aged 9!

You might remember that a few months ago we ran a competition on Instagram. We asked our Arcade Coder users to share their highest scores on our Asteroid Dodger game. The entry with the highest score would win the opportunity to co-create our next Arcade Coder game with us. Ewen entered the competition with the very impressive score of 222 (we still haven’t beat it yet!) and won the competition!

So how did Ewen come up with such an awesome idea for our next Arcade Coder game?

Ewen’s dad explains:

“The game idea request came through at the beginning of the lockdown and a couple of days before I was due to do my first day as ’teacher’ for  the kids, making it an obvious first lesson.” 

Ewen’s dad explains that Ewen’s first idea for the game was pretty awesome:

“Ewen’s initial idea was some sort of ‘hatching egg’ game where you take it in turns to poke an egg until someone hits an invisible trigger pixel which causes it to hatch (the children were hatching chicks at the time).”

But then Ewen realised he had the coding skills to build that game without the help of our games designer team!:

“But, Ewen then decided he could make that game himself; which he did (with a bit of help from me), and it worked very well… although the chick ended up being a fried egg!”

Luckily, Ewen is full of creative ideas and game up with a second idea for the game that our games designer team could help him with, as his dad explains:

“Ewen then went back to the drawing board and finally settled on the colour blast idea. He liked the idea of the colours being an intrinsic part of the gameplay rather than just a decoration, which I agreed was a good way of making full use of the Arcade Coder hardware, so that’s what we went with.”

We asked Ewen how he came up with his final idea:

“I came up with the idea of the game Colour Blast because I wanted something to play that was very colourful, with things moving on the screen at all times. It was very fun thinking up ideas for the game. “

Once Ewen decided the game he wanted to create, it was over to our games designer team to help make the game. We asked Mark Jones, our top games designer, what he likes most about creating this game with Ewen:

“I really enjoyed bringing Ewen’s idea to life! Creating the game was exciting, and actually quite challenging, as Color Blast uses the Arcade Coder in a different way to previous games, due to use of colours in the game. So, we definitely needed to use some out of the box thinking to make the idea work!

I love the challenge and difficulty progression when the color cycle order switches as you play the game. It can be pretty tricky to master!”

We chatted to Ewen about how he finds creating games with the Arcade Coder overall:

“I really like my Arcade Coder because you can play games and draw, but my favourite is coding and I have coded a game called Splat the Egg.  I am now the best in my class at Scratch because making games on my Arcade Coder has helped me learn how to code.”

Thank you so much to Ewen for sharing his cool and creative game ideas with us!

Want to make the Color Blast game yourself? Find the instructions to make the game in our brand new Games Designer Club: HERE. We are sure you will enjoy playing Color Blast as much as we do. 

Have you got ideas for other games you’d like to see on the Arcade Coder? Let us know on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @techwillsaveus. We’d love to hear from you.