5 At Home Halloween Projects for 2020

at home diy halloween projects 2020

Like many other moments in 2020, Halloween is turning out to be quite different from what we were used to – with a focus on at-home and digital. But, no matter what trick or tricking will look like in your neighbourhood, these fun at-home projects using some of the favourite Tech Will Save Us kits are sure to give you a fun-filled Halloween!

1. Make BOO-Badges

diy at home halloween projects

Need that BOO factor for this year’s Halloween costume? Get inspired by the step-by-step Spooky Badges project from the Sew & Glow kit to create badges that give you a Halloween glow From a creepy bat or spider to go with a witch costume or a ghost that haunts you with its glowing eyes, there’s inspiration for anyone! Plus, you’ll also sneak in some learnings about wireless technology and electronics.

Find the step-by-step guide and templates here. If you don’t already have the Sew & Glow kit you can grab yours here today and get it in time for Halloween.

2. Make Spooky Creatures

at home diy halloween projects spooky dough creaatures

Take Halloween decorating a step further with awesome spooky dough creatures that come to life by the power of electricity (IT’S ALIIIIIIVE!). 

Kids get to enjoy making a ghost, Frankenstein’s head and whatever other spooky creature ideas come to mind with our Electro Dough Fantasy Kit. As with all our other Halloween Projects, there’s also the awesome added factor of sneaking in some learning in their play. 

As they mould the creatures, they also get to learn how a circuit works and discover the awesome power of electricity!

You can find the Spooky Circuits project here. If you don’t already have the Electro Dough Fantasy Kit you can get it here.

3. Spooky Story Time

at home diy halloween projects 2020

Once upon a time in Spooky Town, all the ghosts were getting ready for a party when all of a sudden…

All Halloween nights need a spooky storytime! Use the Ghost Party Story for a fun and educational Halloween story the kids can re-enact live using the pop-out sheets and the ghosts they can make themselves using Electro Dough.

Take Spooky Story Time even further with the Electro Dough Story kit and use one of the blank pop-out sheets to create your own unique Halloween story while kids develop their verbal skills, creativity and learn about circuits and electricity.

4. Make a Glowing Pumpkin

at home diy halloween projects glowing pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is a Tech Will Save Us team favourite so there shouldn’t be any surprises that this is on our lists of activities for Halloween 2020! 

And in true Tech Will Save Us fashion, we’re bringing a tech twist to your good old pumpkin carving time using contents from our Future Inventors Club subscription to develop kids’ coding skills in the process! 

What you need:

1.Future Inventors Club Subscription (Contents from Wearables Drop) – get yours here*

2. Pumpkin (duh!)

3. Spoon

4. Knife

5. Pen

*If you have one of our old micro:mods kits and a micro:bit those will work just as fine too to get the coding practice in. You can also use decorative flashing lights if you don’t already have these. Christmas lights will work wonders but you’ll need a plug nearby to keep them on!

What to do:

The classics:

1.Cut around the top of the pumpkin to make a lid with the knife (parental supervision recommended for this).

2. Scoop out all of it’s guts! Place them in a bowl if you want to keep them to make a YUMMY pie or roast the seeds

3. Use a pen to draw your chosen shapes on the sides of the pumpkin. Try the classic scary faces or go rogue with a design of your choosing.

4. Very carefully use the knife to cut out your shape.

Once you’re done with the pumpkin, it’s time to upgrade it with flashing lights using the LED strip in your Future Inventors Club Wearables drop and the micro:bit.

If you don’t already have a Future Inventors Club subscription or a micro:mods kit skip straight to step 4.

The Tech Part: 

1.Connect your LED strip to your micro:bit. You can find the steps for that here.

2. Practice coding skills by creating a light animation so your LED strip keeps flashing inside the pumpkin. Detailed step-by-step here.

3. Put the LED strip and micro:bit inside the pumpkin and see the colours shine through! 

4. If you’re using flashing lights like Christmas lights, simply place them inside the pumpkin, select the flashing setting and plug in!

Now that you have your Tech-tacular pumpkin, place it in a place of your choosing, be it outside or in your living room and get ready to WOW everyone with your flashing pumpkin!

5. Wizard Costume

If you’re in a rut for what Halloween costume the kids can wear this year don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this simple (and super fast!) Wizard Costume DIY that only requires a couple of household objects to put together (and, optionally a Creative Coder Kit to bring it to life). 

Find out what you need and the step-by-step guide here. If you don’t yet have a Creative Coder Kit it is still available in the USA here.

Happy Halloween! We hope these projects will give you inspiration for spooky activities to do with the kids this Halloween and make it just as fun as it was in past years, even though it might look a bit different. 

We’d love to see what you make if you try any of them, so if you’d like to show us simply tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using @techwillsaveus or send us a snap of your projects to support@techwillsaveus.com

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