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Can You Still Make Learning At Home Fun?

Whether your kids are back at school or whether you’re still home-schooling, keeping your kids learning and, importantly, interested in learning can be a tough ask.

Worksheets and text-books can get you part of the way, especially with older children, but when learning is dry and, dare we say it; boring, young minds can start to wander and kids will default to looking for something more fun.

The good news is; learning can be fun. You’re on the Tech Will Save Us website so you already know we have a range of products that offer play-led-learning for different age groups, but there are even more resources out there.

Weekly Anarchic Art Lessons – Recommended Ages 7-10

Kids love creating, right? And kids love anarchic characters who sneak in learning so that kids don’t even know they’re consuming educational content? Olaf Falafel, an award winning comedian, delivers crazy art lessons every week – exposing kids to different artists and styles and setting challenges that kids love to complete. 

Try it once and your kids will be hooked.

Keep It Coming with Monthly Subscription Boxes – Recommended Ages 4-6, 11+

Educational toys are great but once a kid has mastered it, it’s back on the shelf. But a monthly subscription box like our own Electro Explorers Club for 4-6 year olds or Future Inventors Club for 11+ builds on the learnings each month in a fun way.

Similar to Tech Will Save Us’ other products they come with everything you physically need as well as access to a tonne of online content for further projects. Plus each new month is themed around a cool kid-friendly concept like robots, dinosaurs, bugs or ninjas… or for the more sophisticated older kids; wearable technology, music, space and lots more.

The monthly subscriptions are easy to set-up and deliver free to your door in the UK, the USA and across the EU


Science Experiments to do at Home – Recommended Ages 7+

You might not think you have a science lab in your home, but you do! At there are tonnes of experiments your kids can do safely at home using only common household items and ingredients. And the experiments have multiple stretch-levels so if your kids love them, they can lean in to them harder

As well as showing how to do the experiments, there is also easy-to-understand information on the actual science of the experiments so as well as having fun with reactions, colours and some small explosions, kids learn as they play.

Though we recommend having a good supply of newspaper to put down and maybe investing in some aprons!

If you’re after more learning at home activities that use only household items, you can also check out our Supercharge Learning at Home eBook series for ideas of educational & fun activities the kids can do by themselves or with you.


Like a Little Friendly Competition? – Recommended Ages 6-10

Who doesn’t get competitive in a quiz? National Geographic have tonnes of quizzes on almost literally everything. 

Not only do these help your kids solidify what they already know, and engage in a little healthy competition with friends (and parents!) but they’ll also learn a bunch of facts along the way, helping to grow their appetite for learning.

There are enough quizzes here to keep your kid busy for hours – or doing one a day would take months. Potentially not only a nice routine activity, but possibly a nice daily moment to share with your kid and learn together.


Dive into History – Recommended Ages 8+

Chances are your kids have heard of, and love, Horrible Histories. Well the main historian behind Horrible Histories, Greg Jenner, teamed up with the BBC to make a podcast about history for kids.

There are currently about 20 episodes of about 15 minutes each on topics like Pocahontas, Roman gladiators and the space race. They’re a great way to schedule a small, fun history “lesson” for your kids. Another great example of sneaking in the learning while your kids are having fun.