Halloween Makers Challenge

How the Club Make members upgraded their Halloween with tech!

tech will save us halloween costume challenge

This Halloween we had a lot of spooky techy fun, making monsters and ghouls with our products. But, we wanted to see all the ways that makers and modders at home supercharge their costumes with technology. So over at Club Make we hosted a contest to get all our makers creating and crafting.

The challenge: Bring your costume to life with tech.

The prize: A free Light Racer Kit and a brand new Max Einstein book.

We received a handful of amazing entries and really enjoyed seeing our makers use their creative superpowers for the spooky season. We picked our top 3 entries below. Want to find out who won? Keep reading.

tech will save us halloween costume challenge

3rd Place

In third place, we have @EAGLEBOT’s scary skull creation! Using the Creative Coder Kit to make the eyes glow is a fantastically frightening way to stand out in the dark.

2nd Place

Our runner up is @PEELSMAKERSTUDIO with her glistening fairy outfit. Her glowing fairy lights and sparkling wand add the perfect techy touches to her costume.

tech will save us halloween costume challenge

1st Place

Congratulations to this challenge’s winner: Club Make users @KAMKIDS! Halloween is a great opportunity for some family fun and to spend quality time getting creative with the kids. The whole family got dressed up as a futuristic group, preparing for a tech-filled world where the kids have all been turned into robots.

You can have a look at all of the inventions over at Club Make as well as share your own crafty creations.

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