Exploring Creativity and Play

Thursday 17th December

We’re all about sparking the imagination with our DIY Gadget Kits. We understand how important it is to let imagination run riot and creativity roam free, after all that’s where we get some of our best ideas from! From DIY Disco Umbrellas to cardboard musical instruments, we love getting creative.

But, how can you encourage creativity at home? Berkeley.edu suggests 7 things that you can try to create an atmosphere that stimulates creativity, imagination and fun!

1. Provide the resources they need for creative expression.
Things like play dough, books, art supplies and dressing up clothes – these don’t need to be expensive and can be second hand – fun things that can help unlock their creativity.

2. Foster a creative atmosphere
This means discussing creative ideas, giving kids the freedom to fail (something we believe in really strongly).

3. Allow kids the freedom and autonomy to explore their own ideas

4. Encourage children to read for pleasure
Even as adults it’s so easy for us to fall into the trap of not reading for pleasure. Instead choosing to read emails or look at Facebook. By encouraging children to take the time to read for joy, it can help increase their imagination.

5. Give children the opportunity to express “divergent thought”.
Let your children disagree with you… but constructively. Have them explain why they think about something a certain way.

6. Don’t reward children for exhibiting creativity
In other words, don’t let it become another chore to be rewarded, by being creative and having fun doing the activity they want to do will be reward in itself.

7. Try to stop caring what your kids achieve. Emphasise process rather than product.
Instead of the outcome being the most important thing, put emphasis on the technique and the process.

We’d also like to add an 8th point here;

8. Help turn their dreams and ideas into a reality 

Make a cardboard rocket ship, turn an umbrella into a speaker, give them the opportunity to explore their ideas.

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