A message from Bethany...

Having recently given birth to our second son, I am reminded by what inspired us to start this business in the first place – a belief that kids are the face of the future .

Like you, I am often overwhelmed by the waste of seemingly disposable computers and smartphones and concerned about the ethical dilemmas technology forces us to consider.

Yet, soothsayers of youth, such as 16-year-old activist Greta Thurnberg, give me such great hope and remind me that smart ideas are not only the domain of adults. Young, curious minds know no bounds.

65% of today’s children will end up working in careers that haven’t even been invented yet.*  Many of these jobs will rely heavily on problem-solving skills and every industry (from creative to agriculture) will leverage technology. This rapidly iterating technology landscape motivates me to provide all children with the opportunity to test the boundaries of technology. What if kids could build the technology they use, and learn more about it in the process?

Every day I am inspired by the creativity of our young customers who design crazy things like toothbrush countdown clocks made with micro-controllers and blinking electro dough wizards. The excitement we see in a child’s eyes when they’ve built a circuit that results in a blinking LED light is pure magic.

Bearing that in mind..over the coming months, the kids will be taking over the shop here at Tech Will Save Us. Kids will be telling you about tech trends from their point of view. Our Mini Tech Geniuses will be here to answer your tech queries.  So stay tuned, and help us celebrate and encourage the Faces of the Future….


Bethany Koby-Hirschmann
Co-Founder, CEO

Future Changers Wanted! Enter your child here!

*Source: World Economic Forum report