5 Gift Ideas for Every Birthday

Award-winning DIY kits and digital tools to inspire the young (and young at heart!)

Looking for inspirational gifts for all those birthday parties? We’ve got a fantastic range of award-winning DIY Kits and Digital Tools that spark creativity and bring out the Inventor in all of us.

1. Arcade Coder - Perfect for ages 6-10+

The Arcade Coder is a unique games console, combining play & games design to teach kids how to code using their iPad. Play games right out of the box for up to 4 players. Paint & Animate digital pictures. Follow step-by-step tutorials to learn to code and create your own unique games.

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2. Electro Dough Fantasy Kit - Ages 4-6

Invent fantasy characters and bring them to life using circuits, illuminating LEDs and conductive dough! Following step-by-step online video tutorials, kids learn how to build electrical circuits and make energy flow so their dough characters can have personalities of their own!

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electro dough fantasy kit characters

3. Electro Guitar Kit - Perfect for any music lover!

4. Creative Coder Kit - Ages 8-10+

Use the Creative Coder to program the first wearable device for kids with simple block-based coding. An easy-to-learn coding toy that can program endless games which interact with the device causing it to blink, light up and wiggle when you move.

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5. Future Inventors Club - Ages 10+

What will the future look like? Wearables, AI, Robotics. Inspire your child with monthly projects from the Future Inventors Club subscription about the tech that will shape the future!

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