GOSH School Speaker Kit Workshops

Friday 12th February

We were given an exciting opportunity to create stimulating STEAM class using hands on learning for KS3 students in the Great Ormond Street Hospital school over a 6 week period.

This workshop ran weekly for an hour every week for 6 weeks, soldering a DIY speaker from scratch and culminating in building their own DIY Speaker Kit and invent housing for it from cardboard.

The hospital school team was fantastic, we worked with them to ensure everyone could have the best making experience, even, for example they felt only able to use one hand, or even no hands on that particular day. Every week saw new participants learning to solder, and steadily as the weeks progressed, speakers were finished, tested and taken away. We were even able to fashion some exciting speaker dials in vibrant colours thanks to our lovely friends at Sugru.


As well as leaving with a working speaker, we witnessed cooperation as students helped and encouraged each other. We saw fears being overcome as nervous makers picked up the soldering iron for the first time, and perseverance, as speakers were bug tested for faults. These obstacles almost make the magical moment when the speaker suddenly booms into action all the more memorable.

Only one speaker fell by the wayside with an unfixable soldering error, but this is all part of the learning process, and we celebrate the pioneer spirit of learning a new skill. You can’t bake a cake without breaking some eggs, as they say (Don’t worry if this happens to you at home, get in touch with us and we’ll help work through or replace any components you have problems with).

A thoroughly enjoyable series of workshops with the GOSH school team.