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3 DIY Tech Halloween ideas for the whole family with the Monster Mash-up Pack

It’s October, which means it’s basically Halloween already. Right?

Halloween Family Monster Mash-up Pack

It’s the perfect time of the year to truly show your creative powers and build some awesome costumes! And Halloween doesn’t have to be just for the kids.

Why not make your Halloween? We mean it! Get creative. Get creepy. Stand out from the crowd with your own fully modded costume, all while learning important science skills.

To help spark your creativity, we’ve prepared some tech-trifying DIY Halloween ideas so the whole family can get involved with the fun (beyond just eating all of the candy you manage to hoard on the night – which is also loads of fun 😉)

1. Spooky Electro Dough circuits


Is it alive?! Decorations are an essential part of creating an eerie atmosphere for Halloween night. Using Electro Dough, your younger kids can make some scary sculptures to put up around the room – whether it’s a freaky Frankenstein or a mysterious ghost.

They’ll build their creative superpowers, but also learn about building circuits with the conductive dough!

2. Design a spooky stitches badge

Design a spooky stitches badge!

Maybe you need a creepy bat to go along with your witch costume? Or a ghost that haunts you with its glowing eyes? The possibilities are endless with the Sew + Glow Kit! Find some awesome templates over at Club Make to begin creating.

3. Mod a pumpkin ⚡️

Mod a pumpkin!

Make your pumpkin stand out from the others in your street. Using a micro:bit and some LEDs, it’s easy to code your own flashing light-shows to give your pumpkin a new spooky colour scheme!

Plenty more Halloween ideas on Club Make

If you want to level up your costumes even more, then head over to our community site, Club Make, for even more project ideas like making a glowing Electro Dough skull, sewing a superhero badge, or modding your outfit. There are step-by-step tutorials to turn you into a spine-chilling superhero and tech expert, and more!

Plus, we’re hosting a Club Make competition – we want to see your tech Halloween costumes! We’re giving free Light Racer Kits and copies of the brand new Max Einstein books to give away for THREE most creative costumes! Click here to read more about how to enter and be in for a chance of winning.

The Monster Mash-up Pack is the perfect bundle to illuminate Halloween for the whole family. Super spooky savings when you buy all three kits from the pack together – and you get free shipping too!