Hour of Code

Friday 4th December

Next week Hour of Code are trying to get tens of millions of students to try one hour of code celebration of Computer Science Education Week. Hour of Code is a non-profit initiative that aims to increase access to coding skills through a one hour introduction designed to demystify computer science and show that anybody can learn the basics. Tens of millions of students of all ages and backgrounds have tried an Hour of Code already and next week kicks off the events for 2015.

We are huge supporters of an Hour of Code, as they are closely aligned with our belief that technology is for everyone. We started Technology Will Save Us in to inspire a generation of young people and make sure they have the tools to learn, make and play with hands-on technology. Inspired by our co-founder’s experience as a mother of a child born with an iPad, we want to show that technology is more than a screen and to be able to have confidence, creativity and freedom in a technological world.

Did you know that in 2014, Britain became the first G7 country to introduce compulsory computer science to the school curriculum for all children aged 5 to 16? By the age of 7, all children will be expected to be capable of writing and debugging a simple program. Hour of code is a great way to get started!

8 million young people in the UK alone say they want to do things with digital tech but do not have access to the appropriate skills. We believe that coding shouldn’t be something reserved for ‘techies.’ Our DIY Gamer Kit makes it easy and fun for you and your kids to dip your toe into the world of coding. It’s a great way for parents to be able to explore tech with their kids, and even host their own “hour of code” at home with their family, next week. Take a look at our resources for some fun things you can do with your DIY Gamer Kit.