How can we give gifts that last?

This week we've been reading a lot about the importance of giving gifts that last in 2019. How important is the longevity of the toys we buy? Do parents & kids care about this?

how to give gifts that last

Kids get bored of toys quickly!

I’ve definitely been in a position where I’ve bought my son the latest toy, just to see it tossed in a pile in his room the next day. And it seems I’m not the only one! 

A 2019 survey by the British Heart Foundation discovered that, on average, a child loses interest in a toy within just 36 days. A fifth of parents said their child lost interest after 11 hours of play, while 8 percent said their children became bored in less than an hour!

The survey also found that kids have an average of four toys they’ve never played with at all!

It’s frustrating to see our little ones get bored of their toys so quickly. Not to mention the effect that throwing out so many toys has on the planet; in the same survey over 25% of parents admit to throwing away toys that work perfectly!

how to give gifts that last

Giving toys + experiences that last

Building toys that can be constantly reinvented is something that has been at the center of our products from the word go. 

All our toys, such as our new Electro Dough kits and Music Studio Kits, come with a membership to Club Make, our AWESOME community platform for kids, that provides hours of projects that they can complete with their kits. Kids earn badges by completing different projects, giving them the motivation to keep using their kits again and again!

how to give gifts that last

Our toy of the year, the Arcade Coder + Games Studio App, also gives kids infinite games! Using the Games Studio app, kids can modify existing games and build games that are entirely their own. We’ve built 500+ hours of projects into the Arcade Coder + Game Studio App so that kids can constantly reinvent the way they use it.

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how to give gifts that last