How our products come to life

A sneak peek into Sadhbh Doherty's creative mind

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Sadhbh Doherty, Product Manager at Tech Will Save Us.

Creativity and fun are at the core of our kid-inspired product development process. We always design our educational STEM toys around themes that children love like gaming, music, fashion and many others. Inspiration from everyday life, combined with STEM education plus hobbies and passions that kids love, is Sadhbh’s secret recipe. 

Sadhbh Doherty is one of our Product Managers and started to dream about her future job way before leaving school. 

Her mum gave her a book with every potential university course available in Ireland. One entry was a picture of a pen and the text described a job that was about designing every aspect of that pen. She got so excited and she went deep on the research and found out that it was so much more than designing an object.I would be able to bring bits of all of my interests to what I would be creating. Match made in heaven”.

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Sadhbh has been with Tech Will Save Us for 5 years and she is the mastermind behind one of our bestselling kids coding toys, the Creative Coder Kit, its launch on Kickstarter and many other products such as Light Racer. Synth Kit and Sew&Glow.

“The feeling of seeing an entire team of people pulling together to deliver a product is incredible. The moment when you pass your target on Kickstarter knowing people like what the team have created and understand its potential is priceless”.

Usually our process from idea to a product on a shelf is from 6 to 24 months, depending on its complexity. It’s crucial to look at where the opportunities are in our range, taking in inspiration from our team and reach out to our customers for feedback, testing, impressions.

“There’s no better critic than an eight-year-old! We do a lot of testing with our Future Inventors Club, which is a combination of schools and families who help us to hone our products, they add value in the early stages of the product development phase and their feedback helps inform our products. Though the parent is always in mind, I start with the child. Our mission is focused on empowering kids to be creative with technology and really put their own stamp on the world of tech they’re surrounded by. To really engage with learning things that can be quite difficult to grasp, starting from a place of fun, excitement and a real sense of achievement for a young person is important’’, Sadhbh said.

When we get to a point where we’re happy with how a prototype is performing, we start to turn it into a product we’re confident kids and parents will love. This is a long process that involves lots more testing and bringing the prototypes to a broader audience.

“There are a lot of complex technologies and processes behind tech products and screens, our products decode these and bring them to life. The more kids understand how tech works, the better placed they are to be creative with it and take decisions on how to incorporate it into their life’’.

At Tech Will Save Us we want kids to acquire the right knowledge and skills and Sadhbh has played a crucial role in making sure kids are ready for the future.

Thanks Sadhbh and happy 5th Anniversary!