How to get your plant Thirsty Plant ready

Saturday 20th February

What you’ll need:



Sunshine (sorry Brits!)


Thirst Plant Deluxe Kit (includes plant pot, seeds, paint, paintbrushes and of course your DIY Thirsty Plant Kit)

Let’s get making!

Step 1
Get creative, use your paints to decorate your plant pot.

Step 2
Once your paint has dried, fill your pot with lots of lovely soil.

Step 3
Create a little well in the middle of the soil and add your seeds. Lightly cover with soil.

Step 4
Gently water as needed.

Step 5
Build your DIY Thirsty Plant Kit – you can get all the instructions here.

Step 6
Pop your Thirsty Plant moisture sensor in your pot, and leave in the sunshine.

Step 7
Step back and watch your little plants sprout!