JP Morgan Chase School Challenge

Friday 20th May

Last week JP Morgan Chase launched their ‘Schools Challenge Programme’ an initiative that will see schools across London and France create innovative ideas to make their cities more liveable. Working with a range of partners, students will develop and explore how cities can become more sustainable and have less of a negative impact on the environment and its residents.


We joined the launch to run a GIANT Thirsty Plant Kit workshop! 150 students from 6 London Schools took part and learned how to build a solar panel, create a circuit and understand how the components can create electricity with solar energy! It was a fun and exciting challenge and 150 students left with their very own Thirsty Plant Kits! Watch this space to see how young people will use digital making to tackle our most pressing environmental challenge.

In full swing! Irene  work shopin' Tasting solar panelSlack for iOS Upload-16