Kids Are Scared Of A Future Where Robots Take Their Jobs

Friday 22nd January

Technology Will Save Us, it’s our name and our motto and we bake it into everything that we do.

We believe that if everyone has a chance to learn and work with technology that we can save ourselves. So often we passively consume with technology, watching Netflix on our laptops, playing games on our consoles. Instead of using it to unlock creativity, or to tinker. In fact more technology than ever is unopenable, can you imagine prying off the back of your iPhone to figure out how to fix it?

Our kits are designed to remove the mystique around every day technology – a games console that you can make and code yourself to a speaker that you solder together and use the world around you to amplify your music.

You might also be asking, save ourselves? What from? This week a study undertaken by Infosys found that kids are nervous about a future where robots will take over their jobs.

“Across nine countries, more than one-in-four of those aged 16 to 25 believe their job will be done by computer within 10 years… More than half of respondents in India think computers will replace their jobs, compared to about a third of those in Germany, Brazil, and South Africa, the poll finds. Many respondents think traditional education is unsuited to their future careers: 45% describe academic learning as “old fashioned.””

We think by giving kids skills for the 21st century skills like programming, designing, electronics, problem solving and computational thinking. We will help them seek out and invent new opportunities for them in the workplace.

Martha Lane Fox said “…there are 600,000 empty jobs in the tech sector right now. If the sausage machine of an education system is just great at passing tests and not good at helping people find what they love in tech they won’t be able to invent new opportunities”

Which leads us to a quote that always blows our minds… 65% of kids in school now will be working in jobs that aren’t even created yet. Sixty Five percent. So even if the jobs that we know now are automated, there is a good chance that they will be replaced by something completely different.

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