Make with our guides

Friday 8th April

The rise of digital media has opened up a diverse world of hands-on, physical making: from baking to electrical engineering! Anyone with a connected device can access a huge online library of manuals, hacks, blueprints, projects and help forums.

Our philosophy has always been to make our kits as easy-to-use as possible — they are designed for young people after all! We believe in having all our guides and projects online: you can view the whole experience online before you buy, share the excitement, or help someone remotely by having shared access to resources.

1) Responsive design
Our digital guides are fully responsive so they work just as well on your phone, tablet or computer.

TWSU Manuals across devices

2) Isometric diagrams
All of our guides are illustrated by highly-detailed isometric diagrams making them easy to follow.


3) Share your feedback
We’re constantly iterating and improving our guides to ensure making with our kits is as rewarding as possible.


4) Continue making with projects
Once you’ve completed the guide, we have tonnes of extra projects to extend your kit and explore topics such as sound waves and electricity more deeply.

TWSU extend projects

5) Make with the BBC micro:bit
Alongside the guide for our core kits, we have a custom built platform for the BBC micro:bit! With projects ranging from turning it on for the first time to building musical instruments and family games, we’ve created a seamless experience for making in the physical world and coding in the digital world.

Projects for the BBC microbit

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