Denmark to open world's first Lego school

Tuesday 28th May

(Credit: Lego) The Lego Foundation¬†is set to open a new school in Denmark, combining global education standards with a focus on creativity and play. It’s a rare few who gets to¬†play with Lego for a living¬†‚ÄĒ now, it’s a rare few who will get to live a child’s dream: going to school in an official ¬Ľ

Calender For Good

Friday 24th May

Do you often get the chance to work on some exciting briefs for charity campaigns and social impact brands? But at the ideas generation stage miss a vital link that could make the campaign go from good to great! To solve that problem¬†¬†Thomas Kolster, author of¬†Goodvertising¬† has come up with a great idea – a¬†calendar¬†that¬†make ¬Ľ

world's largest LEGO model: star wars X-wing starfighter

Friday 24th May

world’s largest LEGO: star wars X-wing starfighter all images courtesy flashpoint Presented in new york city‚Äôs times square, the¬†LEGO¬†star wars X-wing starfighter has been introduced as the company’s largest model built to-date. measuring 11×43 feet with a wingspan of 44 feet, the 1:1 scale model is constructed 42 times larger than the #9493 star wars ¬Ľ

Why Programming Teaches So Much More Than Technical Skills

Thursday 23rd May

Great piece I found today on talking about the future of STEM subjects and why programming should be¬†taught¬†as a standard in schools. If your local school system offers computer science courses, chances are those courses are electives that won‚Äôt count toward core science or mathematics credit. The implicit message is that, while those skills may ¬Ľ

Gigs 2 Go

Thursday 23rd May

Really lovely idea by American designers Bolt Group.¬†Each tab on this credit card-sized pack can be torn off and used as a USB stick. The GIGS.2.GO pack by¬†Bolt Group¬†is made of recycled paper pulp and contains four tear-off tabs with a USB flash drive in each. The concept was inspired by Bolt Group designers frequently ¬Ľ

Mataerial anti-gravity 3D printer creates instant sculptures

Thursday 23rd May

All images courtesy mataerial In a collaborative research effort between¬†petr novikov, saŇ°a jokińá from the¬†institute for advanced architecture of catalonia¬†and¬†joris laarman studio, ‘mataerial’, an anti-gravity additive manufacturing process is conceived. the printer allows for creating 3D objects on any given working surface independently of its inclination and smoothness, and without a need of additional support ¬Ľ

'Paper LED torch light'

Thursday 23rd May

Really¬†nice¬†simple idea and great example of paper¬†electronics¬†by¬†japanese designer¬†kazuhiro yamanaka. Made exclusively using a cut-out piece of paper and a battery operated LED, the minimal torch light¬†rolls up to create an ample illumination source. When a user rolls the sheet into a cylindrical form,¬†the slit contained within the parchment extrudes inwards, automatically powering the LED attachment ¬Ľ

Screenprinting Tests with Luma Studio using Bare Paint

Wednesday 22nd May

We¬†have¬†been wanting to play around more¬†with¬†Bare paint for a while and when we met the good folks at¬†Studio¬†Luma last month at one of our Rough Trade workshops it seemed like the¬†perfect¬†opportunity to start a nice¬†potential¬†collaboration. Yesterday morning Andrew and I went over to their Studio to do the first round of initial tests and see ¬Ľ

SOUND BULBS by Dominic Wilcox

Wednesday 22nd May

Great new project by Dominic Wilcox¬† titled Sound Bulbs¬†that combine a light bulb connector with music players so that it‚Äôs possible to screw in your music player into any light bulb socket. The idea came form an invitation to take part in an exhibition during¬†Clerkenwell Design Week called Design Exquis.¬†The idea of the exhibition was ¬Ľ

The Next Frontier For 3-D Printing: Helping The Disabled

Monday 20th May

A BRITISH NONPROFIT AND SEVERAL BUSINESSES ARE USING 3-D PRINTERS TO CREATE QUALITY PRODUCTS THAT HELP PEOPLE LIVE MORE INDEPENDENTLY People with disabilities are too often stuck buying expensive gadgets to improve their daily lives. Worse, those gadgets may be poorly designed and fabricated. For¬†Enabled By Design, a nonprofit specializing in ‚Äúgood design [that] can ¬Ľ

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