3D Printing Conductive Plastic

Thursday 6th December

Researchers at the¬†University of Warwick¬†have produced a 3D printable conductive plastic. The Carbomorph plastic is compatible with the printer heads used in off the shelf 3D printers. If you own a 3d printer like the MakerBot Replicator you can now print conductive circuits into your bespoke objects. You could now festoon any number of the¬†objects ¬Ľ

Christmas Delivery

Wednesday 28th November

For those who want to get themselves and their loved ones any of our awesome kits and products for Christmas please find the cut of dates for delivery below: Christmas Delivery Dates: The cut off time is 12pm on the date stated for delivery in time for Christmas. ‚Äʬ†Wednesday 5 December:¬†Asia, Australia, Far East & ¬Ľ

Hackney Citizen Feature

Wednesday 7th November

Out today a nice feature in the Hackney Citizen today about our great new kit Bright Eyes! Pick up your FREE copy around Hackney today!!

Makers unite – the revolution will be home-made

Wednesday 26th September

When Karl Marx predicted a revolution putting the means of production in the hands of the workers, he probably didn’t imagine it to be fought by an army of DIYers. But increasingly tinkerers and hobbyists are proving they are more than equal to the corporate world, and their efforts are challenging the traditional methods of ¬Ľ

PSFK Conference 2012

Wednesday 12th September

On Thursday at the¬†PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON 2012¬†Our ¬†TWSU co-founders¬†Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann will be talking to¬†PSFK¬†about how technology can play a more creative role in people‚Äôs lives and in the future. Check out their profile here: Tech Education Startup Empowers Consumers To Be Creators http://www.psfk.com/2012/08/technology-will-save-us-psfk-speaker.html There are still some day passes¬†available¬†so head to the ¬Ľ

yuri suzuki + technology will save us: denki puzzle

Friday 7th September

Last night at the Design  Museum we launched our Denki Puzzle Radio in collaboration with Yuri Suzuki. Check out the full article and lots of lovely pictures on Design Boom now! http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/16/view/23447/yuri-suzuki-technology-will-save-us-denki-puzzle.html

New Interns!!

Saturday 11th August

We’d like to welcome some new blood to the TWSU team. We are delighted to have two wonderful interns working with us this summer. Matthew Alden comes to us from LCC. He is studying on the Graphic and Media Design course where he specializes in Design for Information. He is currently undertaking a year in ¬Ľ

Hackney House featured Blog Posts

Monday 6th August

Following a great day at¬†Hackney¬†house for Dezeen’s and Beatrice Galilee’s Designed in Hackney Day last week. We have been featured in 2 ¬†lovely blog posts on the event by¬†Designs on Earth and Club Workspace. Check them out here: http://www.designsonearth.com/designed-in-hackney-day/ http://blog.workspacegroup.co.uk/blog/2012/8/5/club-workspace-hackney-house-dezeens-design-day.html

Sugru Colour Mixing Chart

Monday 30th July

Does sugru also come in purple? Pink? Orange? Green? We get these kinds of questions quite a lot and the answer is always: Yes! ‚Äď How cool is that? Here‚Äôs a handy colour mixing chart that can help you get the shade you want.

Designed in Hackney Day

Friday 27th July

We are very happy to be on the partipants in the up coming event at¬†Hackney¬†House – Designer in hackney Day with online design and architecture magazine¬†Dezeen¬†and writer/curator¬†Beatrice Galilee¬† in partnership with¬†Hackney Council. Designed in Hackney Day¬†will celebrate the incredible diversity of design talent in Dezeen‚Äôs home borough, exploring experimental design strategies that are emerging in ¬Ľ

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