BBC microbit at home

Parenting in the Technological World

Friday 15th April

Technology is just everywhere isn’t it? Omnipresent, ever there, something that can consume hours and hours by sitting looking at it. But what if technology wasn’t something that you passively consumed? What if technology was a tool that you used to unlock your creativity and passion? We’ve been running our company Technology Will Save Us »

Make with our guides

Friday 8th April

The rise of digital media has opened up a diverse world of hands-on, physical making: from baking to electrical engineering! Anyone with a connected device can access a huge online library of manuals, hacks, blueprints, projects and help forums. Our philosophy has always been to make our kits as easy-to-use as possible — they are »

What the BBC micro:bit means for parents

Thursday 7th April

As the distribution of the BBC micro:bit to one million 12 year olds continues, we’re talking to a lot of parents who want to know what it means for them and how they can help their child get the most out of it. We answer some of your most common questions: What is it? A »

Tech Will Save Us x Wool and the Gang Competition

Friday 1st April

Spring is fantastic for two of our favourite past times: gardening and fashion! We’ve partnered with knit-it-yourself fashion brand Wool and the Gang to bring you the perfect project: a crochet plant pot holder to use with our DIY Thirsty Plant Kit! Watch the how to video: For the chance to WIN everything you need »

Tech Will Save Us x Science Museum

Friday 1st April

We had the pleasure of demoing our DIY kits at the Science Museum, in London, during the Easter Weekend. The Science Museum was buzzing with families making the most of the the extended Easter weekend – as well as taking shelter from Storm Marie. We were on hand with demos of Electro Dough Kit, Synth »

The BBC micro:bit is here: follow the story

Tuesday 22nd March

[View the story “The BBC micro:bit is here! ” on Storify]

micro:bot kit - The BBC mcro:bit robot add on pack

Read all about it: BBC micro:bit lands today!

Monday 21st March

We’ve been talking about it a lot, and it’s finally here! The BBC micro:bit will be in the hands of 11 & 12-year-olds across the UK starting from today. WHAT IS IT? The micro:bit is the most ambitious education project that BBC has embarked on in 30 years. The BBC micro:bit is a tech tool, »

The BBC micro:bit is not just for school!

Monday 21st March

The BBC micro:bit is finally here, rolling out to 1 million school children in the UK over the coming weeks. This is an historic moment for schools and the education system, but also for parents and, most importantly, KIDS! When we designed the BBC micro:bit, we were determined that it would be something cool for »

“It’s just a bit of dust in my eye” – at the Prince’s Trust Samsung Celebrate Success Awards

Thursday 17th March

We recently had the opportunity to walk the red carpet at this year’s Prince’s Trust Samsung Celebrate Success Awards at the London Palladium! Marking the 40th anniversary of the trust, the event honoured some truly incredible young people who have overcome unbelievable circumstances to thrive and succeed. We felt honoured to be there, and in »

Technology Will Not Save Us, but diverse, creative people will!

Monday 14th March

We spotted this Guardian article this morning; stating that technology will not save your generation… and we agree! I know, I know that sounds crazy, our name is Technology Will Save Us after all. Our reason for existing is that we don’t believe that the current state of technology *will* save us. Passively consuming games, »