Technology Will Save Us and Design

Friday 4th March

At Technology Will Save Us our aim is to make making with technology fun! To do that we look to design to guide us and bring the fun and playful elements of technology to the fore. Our founders Bethany & Daniel both have design backgrounds and really understand the importance of letting design take the »

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Friday 26th February

AWARD-WINNING GIFTS FOR MAKER MUMS! Looking for inspirational gifts this Mother’s Day? Whether you’re buying for your mum, your grandmother or the mother of your children, our kits are the perfect family projects for Mother’s Day (UK) on March 6th. Check out our Mother’s Day picks: Shop the full range of DIY kits DIY THIRSTY »

What are 21st Century Skills?

Friday 26th February

We talk a lot about how our kits equip children with skills for the 21st Century. We believe that kids need to be empowered to learn these skills now to make a better future for themselves. There are already over 600,000 unfilled positions in the tech sector alone and as 65% of our children will »

Brighton University Start Arduino Workshop

Tuesday 23rd February

Welcome to ArduinoLAB We worked with the University of Brighton Visual Communication Undergraduates over two weeks to introduce them to physical computing. ArduinoLAB was limited to two days of Arduino workshops with an objective to instil the desire to discover rather than deliver a coding proficiency course, so we opted for a rapid light touch approach. »

How to get your plant Thirsty Plant ready

Saturday 20th February

What you’ll need: Soil Water Sunshine (sorry Brits!) Trowel Thirst Plant Deluxe Kit (includes plant pot, seeds, paint, paintbrushes and of course your DIY Thirsty Plant Kit) Let’s get making! Step 1 Get creative, use your paints to decorate your plant pot. Step 2 Once your paint has dried, fill your pot with lots of »

6 of the coolest things we’ve seen at New York Toy Fair!

Tuesday 16th February

We’re currently in New York exhibiting at the annual NY Toy Fair. When we’re not talking to visitors about our amazing kits and exciting plans for the future, we’ve been exploring and taking in some of the other awesome exhibitors. Check out 6 of the coolest things we’ve seen so far: – Kid O We »

GOSH School Speaker Kit Workshops

Friday 12th February

We were given an exciting opportunity to create stimulating STEAM class using hands on learning for KS3 students in the Great Ormond Street Hospital school over a 6 week period. This workshop ran weekly for an hour every week for 6 weeks, soldering a DIY speaker from scratch and culminating in building their own DIY Speaker »

The BBC micro:bit roll out has begun!

Friday 12th February

[View the story “BBC micro:bit roll out begins” on Storify]

Electro Pancake

Tuesday 9th February

It’s a question that has puzzled humankind for centuries: does a pancake conduct electricity? We ran a highly scientific and delicious experiment to find out:Ingredients: 115g Plain Flour 140ml Milk 3 x eggs 1 tbsp baking powder 1x DIY Electro Dough KitMAKE THE PANCAKE BATTER • Separate the eggs. • Add the flour, baking powder »

7 of the best toys, gadgets and tech from China

Tuesday 9th February

Happy Chinese New Year! Feeling playful? Keen to use your opposable thumbs? Good news: 2016 is the year of the monkey! To celebrate we’ve picked 7 cool, fun and quirky examples of toys and tech from China (and nearby): – Mozbii from Taiwan We’re a little bit in love with this gadget – a stylus for »

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