Electro Dough Learning

Creating with Google Design

Wednesday 18th November

Last week we had the great pleasure of joining forces with YouTube Kids at SPAN15, the Google Design Conference to hold a workshop on designing for kids. We kicked off the session with an introduction from on usage and trends around instructional videos, with insights from Shiva Jaini from YouTube Kids, our CEO Bethany Koby and our »

Hard Talk Event Audience

The 5 Hottest Hardware Highlights

Thursday 12th November

At Tech Will Save Us we LOVE inventions and Future Inventors whatever their age, so on Tuesday we attended Hard Talk by The Hardware Club and Tech City UK, which hosted some of the hottest hardware products in London. It was a night filled with riveting talks, flashing lights and lots of flying objects. We »

Technology Will Save Us x Teenage Engineering

Tuesday 10th November

We’ve teamed up with the awesome Teenage Engineering to create 3 new projects. We love making tech and we love making music, so we came up with some really simple hacks to make music combining both our DIY Speaker Kit and their Pocket Operators. We put them all together and made some sweet, sweet music. »

How do fireworks… work?

Thursday 5th November

It’s November the 5th and here in the UK it’s Bonfire Night. We all gather together eat toffee apples, play with sparklers and watch giant fireworks exploding across the sky. Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! Last night I »

Reading instructions

Inspire Your Future Inventors This Year

Thursday 5th November

Our DIY kits are not just another toy for children, they are part of an experience the child will cherish for many years. They are jam-packed with benefits. Here are a few ways children benefit from playing with our kits: Quality time shared whilst making our products “Built this together with my 9 year old »

Tech Will Save Us x CBBC Live!

Wednesday 4th November

We spent the weekend at CBBC Live in Hull. It was a really huge event with lots of different tents housing everything from Doctor Who coding challenges and the CBBC Fab Lab, to the Absolute Genius tent where we met Ohbot which we had great fun interacting with. The main stage of the show was »

How plaster sensors, electronic playdough, and DIY-coded games will prepare our kids (and ourselves) for a digital-making future.

Tuesday 3rd November

We’re speaking at SPAN 2015 next week, they featured our article in their SPAN 2015 reader. You can get a sneaky preview below. In a 2014 report titled, “Young Digital Makers,” the The National Endowment for Science Technology and Art in the UK (NESTA) defines “digital making” as “learning about technology through the process of making »

The gift of learning

Wednesday 28th October

It’s looming, and it’s getting closer… yes we know Halloween has passed we’re talking about the holiday season. It’s a crazy time and each year we’re ever aware of the panic that sets in as we get closer to present giving. We’ve been thinking a lot about gifting products that are about sharing great experiences, »

The BBC micro:bit Round Up

Wednesday 28th October

Things are hotting up in the world of the BBC micro:bit, there’s been lots of exciting news over the past few weeks, including a new coding platform! In case you missed the hoo-ha, the BBC micro:bit is easily the most ambitious education project that the BBC has embarked upon for 30 years. It is a tech »


Friday 23rd October

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster of events, from Maker Faire Rome, to an event with the awesome Mums in Tech, to the EdTech UK launch (of which Tech Will Save Us are a founding member). It’s been inspirational! Hearing about the maker movement making a difference within so many different fields, »

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