Our favourite STEM Halloween Costumes

Wednesday 21st October

We LOVE Halloween; scary stories, dressing up and excitement. We’ve created a list of our top 5 favourite STEM (sort of) Halloween costumes, ranging from the complex to the super easy. GAMER KIT COSTUME Turn your little one into their favourite Technology Will Save Us kit. All you need is lots of cardboard, tinfoil and »

Ada Lovelace day

Wednesday 14th October

A big thank you to ARM for supporting and inviting us to Ada Lovelace Day, celebrating women in science, engineering, maths and technology at Conway Hall last night. We left with stars in our eyes. We were wowed from the gallery by Dr. Jen Gupta with rainbow inducing demonstrations of spectroscopy exploring the works of Lady Margaret »

Happy Ada Lovelace Day

Tuesday 13th October

Today is a very special day. It’s Ada Lovelace Day. What does that mean exactly? Well, Ada Lovelace Day is a day of international celebration. A day to shout about, rejoice, and generally praise the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. Ada Lovelace was a gifted mathematician and is considered to have »

Coding + Making = Future Inventors

Thursday 8th October

NESTA (the National Endowment for Science Technology and Art in the UK) defines ‘Digital Making’ as: ‘Learning about technology though the process of making it yourself’- 2013 report title ‘Young Digital Makers’. We at Tech Will Save Us think this is a pretty great definition and should be something that young people experience regularly in »

Maker Faire New York 2015

Tuesday 6th October

New York Hall of Science We have just come back from exhibiting at the New York Maker Faire in the New York Science Hall, a mecca for all makers from across the Unites States. Some came for the whole weekend from as far as Atlanta, some for the day from just across the road in »

Future Inventors – Yoshihiro & Yusa

Wednesday 30th September

We are constantly blown away with the amazing inventions that people create with their Tech Will Save Us kits. This one is very special, meet Yoshihiro, his daughter Yusa and their amazing Raspberry Pi and Gamer Kit Robot. In this project, my challenge was to connect DIY Gamer Kit and Raspberry Pi. As for the »

Journey to Maker Faire – Interview with Leka

Tuesday 29th September

We’ve just returned from a crazy Maker Faire, more on that later… meanwhile we caught up with Ladislas from Leka, one of the projects we were really looking forward to seeing over the weekend. Leka’s mission is to help exceptional children live exceptional lives. Their first product is a small spherical autonomous smart toy to help take care »

Bethany Koby, Jon Marshall and Madhumita Murgia at Techable Talks, Second Home

Techable talks: creating technology for the next generation

Friday 25th September

Our co-founder and CEO, Bethany Koby, joined Jon Marshall (director, Map) and Madhumita Murgia (Head of Technology, The Daily Telegraph) for a conversation on the future of technology, learning and the important role design plays. The event was held at Second Home, London on 23rd September 2015.   Check out these highlights from the discussion: – »

Get Kids Making!

Friday 25th September

In our past few trips to Maker Faire we’ve been enjoying a shift, not only is the maker movement growing, but it’s the maker kids movement is growing too! We’ve already shared the kid-focussed projects that we’re most looking forward to from this year’s faire (you can see them here). We love to celebrate making »

Journey to Maker Faire – Interview with OWatch

Thursday 24th September

We’re looking forward to this weekend’s Maker Faire! Come and visit us if you are there! Meanwhile we’ve been interviewing some of the creators behind the projects we’re really looking forward to seeing. We caught up with Omkar Govil-Nair, the 8 year old inventor of the OWatch, to see what he was most looking forward to »

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