As seen on TV… Tech Will Save Us!

Thursday 13th April

This week our very own prime time TV star, CEO and co-founder, Bethany, was interviewed on BBC News for Business Live. The BBC asked Bethany the big question – “how to make STEM subjects attractive and interesting for students?”

Thankfully, we know a thing or two about that and Bethany discussed many of the ideals and values at the core of Technology Will Save Us. Speaking on the benefit of technology for young people, she explained that ‘We believe it’s all about learning by doing, it’s about getting kids hands on with all kinds of technology to help them build confidence, passion and understanding of the skills that they can actually achieve.’

In an exciting (and probably a little nerve-wracking!) interview, Bethany did us proud by explaining how technology must be experimented with and harnessed by kids at a young age in order to build toward a progressive future. The fact is, there is currently a global lack of coders, and you may be surprised to learn that for 65% of kids in primary school, their future jobs do not even exist yet. Therefore, playing with and exploring tech is a crucial way to prepare our kids and world for the future.

“We believe the one way for kids to pave their path is by playing and finding enjoyment in the potential of what tech can do. If kids can find confidence, if they could build skills, if they can actually see what they’re good at – that’s a much better way for them to then take those skills and apply them to a future position.”