The Superhero's Gift Guide for Creative Kids

It’s officially December. We're well into the holidays and some of us are still scrambling for last-minute presents (myself included!)

Seeing how time can really creep up on us, we wanted to gather the top recommendations for toys from the Superpowers Series on our blog – a series where we share the stories of creative superheroes from everyday life around us.

Founder of Fire Tech Camps, Jill Hodges, is well-versed with educational tech! With a passion for gadgets, she loves the Synth Kit, getting to turn “tech into music” and being able to see “tech, science and art coming together”.

Biology superhero and tech-fashion icon, Rachel (a.k.a Konichiwakitty), loves teaching wearable tech workshops using the Sew & Glow Kit, and how the “electro thread allows the children to learn sewing skills combined with electronics.

As the founder of Pigzbe and Primo Toys, Filippo Yacob knows toys better than most! He loves using the Electro Dough kits with his son, saying “I could see him trying to figure out how it worked, and I knew I could explain it simply and play along with him”.

Award-winning journalist and young entrepreneur Maddie Salters loves the Music Star Pack, as it “bridges the gap between creativity and technology, and is a really fun way to learn engineering, science, and music all at once”.

Wearable tech expert, Rehana Al-Soltane, is no beginner to combining sewing and electronics. So it was no surprise that her favorite kit was also the Sew & Glow! It “introduces sewable circuits in a fun and easy way” and the “possibilities … are endless!”

We know how hectic it can get when there’s so much to choose from! So hopefully this has made your present-hunting a bit easier. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

But don’t forget, our final shipping dates to arrive by Christmas Eve are fast-approaching. For the US, you have until December 17th, and in the UK, the last date is December 18th. For other locations, check our shipping page for more information.

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