Superpowers Series: Eirini Tagkoudi

The world is full of superheroes. In everything we see and do, there is some hero behind it! We want to share these heroes' stories. To let everybody see the superpowers that go into making the world a better place, and how they use their creativity to save the world.Today's superhero is the Epic Eirini Tagkoudi, Ph.D. student and master of microelectronics!

"Basically I am playing with lasers"

What is your superpower?

Making optical fibers and on-chip optical waveguides to shine efficiently and generating new colors of light (wavelengths) by mixing others already available. Like painting! You just need to mix blue and yellow to make green . You have the basic colors and you mix them until you get the color you want depending on the application 🙂 Basically I am playing with lasers and optical fibers/optical waveguides to integrate these mature technologies and make a compact and robust device which can detect different gases.

What or who inspired your superpower?

My curiosity of what is light, when does a rainbow appear, how does a LASER work and other similar questions concerning light and matter interactions inspired me in order to follow a career as an experimental physicist.


Artist Yvette Mattern: Global Rainbow - Whitley Bay, 2012

What has been one of your best inventions/creations?

My latest paper! Have a read here.

How has technology changed what you do and influenced your life?

Technology and Research go hand by hand. So, speaking as a researcher, while working in the edge of technology and trying to generate new technology products with my research, I need a lot of high-tech equipment to move one step forward and improve an already developed device/platform. Generally speaking, modern technology has an impressive impact in our everyday life and it makes it easier and simpler. From transportation and communication to artificial intelligence and human-robots!

What is your favourite Tech Will Save Us kit and why?

Definitely the Sew + Glow Kit because you can simply understand the basics of a LED (Light Emitting Diode) and create something cool and practical by your own.

“Tech Will Save Us” – agree or disagree?

Could not agree more 🙂 Definitely tech will save us !

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