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Superpowers Series: Java Jill

The world is full of superheroes. In everything we see and do, there is some hero behind it! We want to share these heroes' stories. To let everybody see the superpowers that go into making the world a better place, and how they use their creativity to save the world. Today we spoke to Fire Tech founder and CEO, Jill Hodges, a.k.a Java Jill, who told us about her creative superpowers:

What is your superpower?

Empowering young people with tech and creative skills

What or who inspired your superpower?

My sister, who was one of the first female Computer Science PhDs, and who always inspired me with ways that tech could be beautiful, creative, and could bring people together.

What has been one of your best inventions/creations?

I’m really proud of the work that we’ve done with micro:bit, getting young people from 7-17 to get physical feedback from coding, and embedding that technology into original creations!

How has technology changed what you do and influenced your life?

I don’t know what my life would be like without technology – I love my gadgets, I communicate with my local and my global family with technology, and I’ve built a business doing what I love in this field so that more young people can grow up not only consuming technology but using it as a superpower.

What is your favourite Tech Will Save Us kit and

My favourite kit is still the Synth Kit. I love turning tech into music, and getting that immediate sense of tech, science and art coming together.

“Tech Will Save Us” – agree or disagree?

Of course I agree. But I think that everyone needs to have hands on experience with tech so that they understand the power of what they are dealing with, even when they are just chatting and sharing on social media. Tech can solve huge problems, and gives a young person at home an opportunity to create change and communicate globally – but we also want to be intentional about how we interact with technology.

If you’d like to keep up with Jill’s adventures, have a look at the awesome workshops and day camps at Fire Tech (@FireTechCamp on Twitter), like the Sew & Glow Wearable Tech Workshop happening this Saturday 27th October!

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