Superpowers Series: Rachel Konichiwakitty

Sunday 4th November

The world is full of superheroes. In everything we see and do, there is some hero behind it! We want to share these heroes’ stories. To let everybody see the superpowers that go into making the world a better place, and how they use their creativity to save the world. Today we spoke to Rachel Wong, a.k.a Konichiwakitty, who told us about her creative superpowers:

What is your superpower?

Growing eyeballs with stem cells and making wearable fashion technology

What or who inspired your superpower?

Trying to find a cure for diseases inspired me to grow new organs with corrected genetic defects for transplantation into patients. My work can be very stressful, so I decided to try my hand at something completely different which is fashion! I believe that you can love make up and fashion whilst still being extra nerdy and intelligent. So, I now share my fashion tech projects to encourage more girls into STEM education and careers.

What has been one of your best inventions/creations?

You can find me sharing my fashion tech projects and growing of human organs here:

How has technology changed what you do and influenced your life?

Technology has allowed me to create healthy human organs that can replace dysfunctional ones. With tissue engineering, I can also study and carry out necessary tests on a human organ without poking at a patient. This life changing research can be helpful for all types of patients. Learning how to code and solder electronics has allowed me to be very creative when making wearable items. My wearable fashion tech projects are very fun and allows me to express myself further. I really enjoy mixing fashion with electronics and i hope that by sharing my projects, this can encourage others to try electronics too!

What is your favourite Tech Will Save Us kit and why?

My favourite kit from Tech Will Save Us is the Sew and Glow! I often run workshops to teach wearable technology to young children and using electro thread allows the children to learn sewing skills combined with electronics!

“Tech Will Save Us” – agree or disagree?

I totally agree! There is so much we can create with the use of technology and it can be combined with every other field. Interdisciplinary making is highly encouraged and can be very beneficial as I have shown through my medical research and fashion tech projects.

If you’d like to keep up with Konichiwakitty’s adventures, have a look at her amazing creations below, and follow her on Twitter @konichiwakitty!

Check out her favourite kit: the Sew & Glow Kit, which teaches about electronics and circuits while sewing some awesome wearable tech ! Or browse the rest of our range by clicking here.

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