Superpowers Series: Ricardo Gonçalves

The world is full of superheroes. In everything we see and do, there is some hero behind it! We want to share these heroes' stories. To let everybody see the superpowers that go into making the world a better place, and how they use their creativity to save the world.Today's superhero is one of Tech Will Save Us' own, Ricardo Gonçalves, who uses his creative superpowers to build and create exciting experiences for users and customers of the Tech Will Save Us website, and Club MAKE!

What is your superpower?

Inventing & designing things for people

What or who inspired your superpower?

A combination of things. Off the top of my head, a book called “How Things Work”, that had hand-painted illustrations of the internals of all sorts of technology, from elevators to submarines! That, combined with being obsessed with computers and video games, led me to designing websites, which led me to a masters in computer science, which led me to UX design, which led me here!

What has been one of your best inventions/creations?

My first company, Hardquarters. We were 18 and dumb, but it was super fun. Nothing online (that I’d link you to anyway hah). More recently, the Dough Universe app.

The Way Things Work - David Macailay

How has technology changed what you do and influenced your life?

My profession didn’t exist when I was born, so it changed everything. Technology shapes society which shapes my (our) life. It’s in everything I do, from waking up to going to sleep. Even during sleep, with new mattress technologies!

What is your favorite Tech Will Save Us kit and why?

Easily the Gamer Kit!

“Tech Will Save Us” – agree or disagree?

Disagree. Kids Will Save Us!

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