Superpowers Series: Super Sadhbh

The world is full of superheroes. In everything we see and do, there is some hero behind it! We want to share these heroes' stories. To let everybody see the superpowers that go into making the world a better place, and how they use their creativity to save the world.Today's superhero is one of our own! We spoke to Super Sadhbh on our product design team uses her creative superpowers to not just make awesome tech kits, but also to bring tricky concepts down to earth:

What is your superpower?

Product Design

What or who inspired your superpower?

I’ve always loved finding new ways of doing things and showing people how easy things that seem really complex can be. There are hundreds of ways I could have gone with that passion but the person who inspired teenager me to pursue product design as a way of expressing that was a Japanese designer called Naoto Fukasawa who designed a CD player for Muji that started playing when you pulled a string a bit like a fan or a bathroom light, and people knew how to use it instinctively because of that. I thought that was amazing.

Sew + Glow Kit: Designed by Sadhbh Doherty

"Technology opened up the world to me."

What has been one of your best inventions/creations?

The brand new Sew & Glow Kit.

How has technology changed what you do and influenced your life?

Technology opened up the world to me. I wouldn’t have known what a product designer was when I was in school (or my school guidance counselor!), I wouldn’t have known who Naoto Fukasawa was, I wouldn’t have been able to communicate with people from all over the world with interests like mine, I wouldn’t have been able to explore what great designers, musicians, scientists and thinkers were doing all over the world. I think the best thing tech has done for all of us is opening up the world outside of what we know NOW and finding groups of people who share our interests or challenge our thinking.

What is your favourite Tech Will Save Us kit and why?

The latest is always the greatest. So my favourite right now is definitely our Sew & Glow Kit.

“Tech Will Save Us” – agree or disagree?

Agree, with the proviso that people make the tech so people who can be creative and use tech for good will save us.

If you’d like to keep up with Super Sadhbh’s adventures, have a look at her amazing creations below, and follow her on Twitter @sadhbhdoc!

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