Tech Will Save Us in 2015

Tuesday 5th January

We’re kickstarting our year with an interview with our CEO Bethany Koby. We’re taking a look back at our favourite moments from 2015 and looking forward into the new year.

Each year at Tech Will Save Us just gets better and better. 2015 was the most exciting yet, and I just know that 2016 will be even more awesome!

There are a couple of really distinct moments for me this year, where I had to step back and say “WOW- this is really happening!”. We started the year with a nomination for Design of the Year from the Design Museum which was just such an honour to be up there with so many amazing products and designs. In April we travelled to New York where our sister company Hirsch & Mann designed the windows for MoMA’s two store locations and our DIY Gamer Kit was inducted into their permanent collection. We’ve also had the opportunity to work with some AMAZING people, this year we announced the launch of the BBC micro:bit, alongside incredible companies like ARM, Samsung and Barclays. Finally the cherry on top of my year was the resellers we have been working from John Lewis to Topshop to Urban Outfitters, it was very surreal to see our kits all the way from our tiny factory in Hackney in such inspirational stores around the UK and USA.

We are really lucky that Tech Will Save Us gets invited to many incredible events around the world. This year we had the absolute pleasure of visiting World Maker Faire in New York and Maker Faire in Rome. I love going to maker events in general, but to be at the epicentre of the maker movement is so inspiring. To see creativity at work and people getting hands on with technology, is one of my favourite things.

One of my proudest moments at Technology Will Save Us is watching children learning new skills and having the permission to do something like soldering or making their own games. We held one workshop in South London with hard to reach young girls, and by showing them what they could create and how fun it was, we turned their attitudes from “this is boring” to “this is sick!”. That for me was validation.

The future is very exciting for Tech Will Save Us. We are going through a really exciting phase at the moment, we are growing our team and had an awesome holiday season. Success for us is empowering young people and parents to get hands on with technology – we measure this by the growing number of young digital makers in the world. Every time we hear from a customer about working with their tools, customising, hacking, modifying their kits, programming something that makes their lives better, or making mistakes and growing from them – we know we’re achieving something special. One of the big things we want to measure over time is around young people making more informed choices in school and choosing technology related subjects. If they have had good experiences making and have built confidence being creative with technology, we hope this will help them and their parents choose subjects around tech not because they think they should, but because they want to.

Tell us what you think about your kit! Have you enjoyed building it – let us know on Twitter/Facebook or Instagram our hashtag is #futureinventors .