Tech Will Save Us x Kickstarter: Our History With The Platform

tech will save us kickstarter campaign

Recently we’ve come across some materials from our past Kickstarter campaigns and, as you can imagine, that took us on a trip down memory lane. We felt it all: nostalgia, happiness, pride, love. SO MUCH love, from you, our Kickstarter supporters! 

You were such a huge part of bringing kids some of our best products. So, we thought we’d take you along on the trip down memory lane!

Ah, where do we begin?

Mover Kit: Get kids moving, building & coding

The Mover Kit is one of our favorites. It has so many applications and ways to make it fun and creative! Not to mention the learning and creative opportunities when it comes to building and coding the watch. And best of all, it’s not like any wearable! Take it from our founder, Bethany, she said it best:

“This is a kit that’s designed for kids’ imaginations. It’s a wearable, but it’s about play and imagination and about being a kid, not about the kind of utility that wearables seem to be designed for with adults.”¹ – Bethany Coby, Founder, Tech Will Save Us

After testing the Mover with 300 kids across the UK, France, and Germany, we were convinced. This kit would unleash their entire creative potential.

Toothbrush trainer? Check. Lightsaber? Check. Wizard Staff? Check. Iron Man Costume? Check. Hot Potato? Check. Run for five minutes? The LED lights will flash blue! And SO much more.

tech will save us mover kit

The idea was to give kids a simple tool for playing with the basic “if this, then that” functionality of technology, but in the context of moving.

“When you give kids a few, but very powerful, parameters—movement, customization, and an open-ended potential for [the Mover] to respond to them—you can get it to do a million things. You don’t need a million sensors, you actually just need a few to be really creative.”² – Bethany Koby, Founder, Tech Will Save Us

Everything you need to make a Mover Kit can be found in the box, and it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to assemble. Do you know what that means? Yes, we’re thinking the same thing: instant fun!

tech will save us creative coder wearable watch
Ta-da! A completed Mover Kit, ready for rainbows.

Kids love it. And parents love it too! Here’s what some of the dedicated parents that were supporters of the Mover Kit had to say about it:

Ije Nwokorie, dad of two and creative powerhouse loved our Mover Kit because:

Psst… Do you want to know something exciting? Yes? Okay, here it goes: Naya, Ije’s 12-year-old daughter at the time, is now a member of the Tech Will Save Us team as part of our work experience program.

Roanne Adams, mother of one, said that the Mover will help her child with type 1 diabetes be more active:

J Milligan, dad of two, and kids play, and learning expert wishes he was a kid right now:

Us too J, us too…

Because of them, and many other like-minded parents and supporters we were able to not only reach our Kickstarter goal but almost triple it. With their and your help, we were able to produce the Movers and deliver them in time for some very exciting Christmas mornings. And that’s not all!

Reaching $129K meant only one thing: Rainbow snap bands for everyone! Because how can you say thank you better than with rainbows?! Plus, because we love you, each snap band was custom made, so no two rainbow patterns were the same.

If you didn’t grab your own Mover yet, that’s okay, we have it right here for you.

Dough Universe: Teaching electronics with play dough

World dough-mination. That was our goal with our second Kickstarter campaign! Don’t worry, we’re just joking (are we though?).

 With the Dough Universe, our aim was to open the doors to a beeping, whirring, spinning world of electricity and excitement, whilst unleashing the future inventors inside your child.

The beauty of the Dough Universe is that it combines science and art within the digital and physical worlds. Kids are inspired to create dough creatures, instruments, anything that they can think of and all while they’re learning valuable scientific principles and gaining new vocabulary.

electro dough stem toys

After all, if you ask a 4-year-old how an electrical circuit works, you’ll get a blank stare in return. Now, ask a 4-year-old how to make the eyes on her monsters light up and magic happens: they become electricity experts. Children can easily grasp technical concepts; they just need the right tools.

“You need to lead with what kids can do with technology, not the technology itself”.³

We wanted kids to learn about the principles of electricity, explore motors, lights, and sound through making circuits, as well as helping them find their inner artist through molding the dough.

And that’s why we created a whole universe. Yes, a whole one! The Dough Universe Kickstarter campaign was not just one toy, but three! Remember them? No? Well, let us refresh your memory.

First came the Techno Sounds Kit. With it, kids mold pianos, drums, and keytars out of electro dough. The kit has three sound modes so your child (and you) can make crazy, buzzy, beeping beats. Just imagine the hits they created with it!

Then came the Electro Machines Kit. Imagine walking robots, cars and high five machines. Now imagine them made out of dough and voila! You get the Electro Machines Kit.

And then there were fire breathing dragons melting icebergs, snakes with flashing scales and dancing penguins with glowing wings. How can all that be possible we hear you ask? Well, with the Bright Creatures Kit of course!

We dreamed big with this one. We wanted to do more, teach more, bring more. And you made it all possible. Again!

Because of your overwhelming support, we were able to upgrade all controllers to a design that integrates with building block systems (yes, exactly that building blocks brand that came into mind when you read it).

Thank you to all 650 of you that made it possible for the Dough Universe to come into this world. You helped us raise $75K, surpassing our Kickstarter goal by 144% – and in the process brought us closer to our goal of preparing kids for the future. 

We’re getting closer one toy at a time. What makes us different is our commitment to listening to children and parents through every step of the product development process. Their input is invaluable. 

Our products are what they are because of the time and thought that our community put into helping us make the most awesome toys we possibly can. Or put another way, we’re a team of 25 people with an extended family of Tech Will Save Us diehards!

And now it’s time to take the next step towards that goal. A game-changer just landed on Kickstarter! And we hope you’ll be with us for this one too.

Introducing the Arcade Coder

The eagle has landed. We repeat the eagle has landed!

This one is special and we’ve been working on it for the past 2 years. Our new kit is focused on revolutionizing family game time. And in classic Tech Will Save Us fashion, it’s not all about playing… this kit teaches kids how to make and design their games! Inspired by the classic video games of the past this new kit is something that the whole family can enjoy.

The future of family game night is here, are you ready? Head over to Kickstarter to find out more.