Tech Will Save Us & The Prince’s Trust

Friday 29th January

Technology Will Save Us have been running a pilot over the last few months with The Prince’s Trust, embedding STEM into their xl programmes. In Bradford, Doncaster, London and Guernsey, we have now held workshops with around 80 young people, getting hands on with tech and helping them to solder their own speakers from scratch. Making with tech can feel quite daunting at first, and most had never used a soldering iron before, but this didn’t stop everyone having a go and finished​ their speakers successfully​ (which they proudly ​got to keep!)

What became clear, after 4 days of intensive workshops, is that not only do we love hands on making and learning, but so do our young people. Before and after surveys showed a staggering transition from 50% feeling unsure or that making with technology was not for them at the start of the workshops, to 80% loving or liking it by the end. You can’t get clearer than that!

Before and after question: How confident are you making with Tech?PT_BeforeAfter