Technology Will Save Us launches a haberdashery for technology in London

Thursday 1st September

We are thrilled to be able to share this with the world. We are about to launch Haberdashery East with Rough Trade and Prick Your Finger. Download the press release here or read on below!


Technology Will Save Us is the first haberdashery for technology and education space.

We aim to help everybody experience the joy of making technology work the way they want it to. We show people what they’re capable of with our DIY technology kits, our workshops and support services.

We enable them to understand how to build new things for themselves by being more creative and resourceful with the technology in their lives.

Hackney basedTWSU has recently partnered with London’s indie music temple RoughTrade East to launch Haberdashery East, a concept space for all technology and DIY lovers to experiment and learn.The space will also feature PrickYour Finger, a traditional craft haberdashery with a distinctly punk woollen offer.

With a newly purpose-built display area and dual-purpose cafe/worktables, Haberdashery East will showcaseTWSU’s first collection of DIY kits and a series of hands-on workshops. Kits include a DIY Speaker Kit that contains all you need to solder up an amplifier and make your own set of working speakers. A Lumiphone Kit which includes all the components needed to create a custom musical device. A complete Soldering Kit with all the tools and instruction to get you started in the wonderful world of DIY technology. They will also be selling Arduinos for those inter- ested in programming, the Sparkfun Inventors Kits perfect for anyone that wants to get deeper into doing more with technology and a few other products including Sugru – hacking putty and USB Cells – USB re-chargeable batteries.

In addition to theTWSU Kits and curated products they will also be offering hands-on workshops every month.The workshops range from ‘How to wire a plug’ to ‘Building a solar powered thirst detector for your house plants’.

The in-store workshops start on Wednesday 28 September at 7pm launching with a ‘Build your own Lumiphone Workshop’.

TWSU founders Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann are a London-based creative duo. Bethany is an American born designer, brand and innovation consultant and Daniel is a South African born interactive artist, educator and creative technologist.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Bethany says: ‘I believe technology plays a huge role in all of our lives and we know so little about how to fix it, how to make things with it and how to be more creative with it’. Daniel further explains, ‘We see a more creative world where people can get the skills and support to be more resourceful with technology and begin to solve their own problems and invent new uses – become producers not just consumers of technology’

The full range of DIY Kits and products are available to buy exclusively at Haberdashery East at RoughTrade East
‘Dray Walk’
Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane London
E1 6QL