Technology Will Save Us x Teenage Engineering

Tuesday 10th November

We’ve teamed up with the awesome Teenage Engineering to create 3 new projects. We love making tech and we love making music, so we came up with some really simple hacks to make music combining both our DIY Speaker Kit and their Pocket Operators. We put them all together and made some sweet, sweet music.

To make the tune we made 3 different hacks; a DIY plate reverb, a DIY Talkbox and a DIY spring reverb. You can make them too!

DIY Plate Reverb

The simplest of all combinations – make music with your own ice bucket. Combined with the DIY Speaker Kit and a bit of electronics, you can play your sounds through any old biscuit tin or metal box or tin that you can get your hands on.

You can make your own using these handy instructions.

DIY Talk Box

Bet you didn’t realise how it easy it was to make your own Talk Box?

You too can sound like Daft Punk by following these easy steps.

DIY Spring Reverb

Once you’ve made your slinky walk down stairs once or twice the magic can kind of wear off. What if you could transform your slinky into an incredible piece of reverb equipment?

Make your own slinky spring reverb here.