Technology Will Not Save Us, but diverse, creative people will!

Monday 14th March

We spotted this Guardian article this morning; stating that technology will not save your generation… and we agree! I know, I know that sounds crazy, our name is Technology Will Save Us after all.

Our reason for existing is that we don’t believe that the current state of technology *will* save us. Passively consuming games, TV shows and movies on screens… no thanks! We want to encourage a generation of makers and creators who use technology merely as a tool to unlock their creativity and imagination, not as a pacifier. So often, we hear technology and coding lumped in together. Tech is so much more than that! Can we hear it for the hackers, solderers and tinkerers out there!

We don’t want to look at the success of the tech industry and see only the faces of white, middle class dudes looking back at us. Last year we joined 30 amazing female founders on a trip to Silicon Valley with products that ranged from tech kits for kids to machine learning for scientists. We want to see diversity and encourage and give everyone the chance to create or at least understand how to make something with technology.

No longer do we want technology’s secrets to be hidden away behind sealed mobile phones and other devices, but we want to expose these inner workings and help people understand how they work. Our DIY Gamer Kit has all its workings exposed, so nothing is hidden away.

The future for the next generation is not starting Facebook, it is inventing a job and having the digital and engineering skills do this. It is about finding their passions and interest so they have jobs with tech at the heart of them that they actually love. We don’t know what every young person is going to become passionate about, but we believe if parents and kids can have more opportunities to make, explore, and have fun with technology, these creative experiences will give them the confidence to become lifelong learners and invent their futures.

We want to re-address the problems with the tech industry. We want to ensure that making and creating with technology is open to everyone. In order to bring making and creating home we work with incredible organisations like The Prince’s Trust and GOSH, alongside teachers and parents around the world to help bring a greater understanding of technology both in the classroom and at home around the kitchen table.