Hard Talk Event Audience

The 5 Hottest Hardware Highlights

Thursday 12th November

At Tech Will Save Us we LOVE inventions and Future Inventors whatever their age, so on Tuesday we attended Hard Talk by The Hardware Club and Tech City UK, which hosted some of the hottest hardware products in London.

It was a night filled with riveting talks, flashing lights and lots of flying objects. We heard all about taking businesses from the beginning and scaling them up. It was great to hear from companies similar to us.

Check out the top 5 hottest hardware highlights from the event:


This amazing London based company creates hi-tech smart visual technologies like video bikes and holo displays for whatever purpose. Kino-mo was created by Kiryl Chykeyuk and Art Stavenka who previously won BBC Dragon’s Den for this project. Art Stavenka took the time to  showcase Kino-mo’s holo display for us and it was brilliant. Take a look at their fascinating demo below:


ROLI is revolutionising the musical experience for everyone, ROLI’s Seaboard RISE has recently won the CES innovation award. Stephen Hempton, Product Manager for ROLI answered questions around defensibility of the product from design to large – scale manufacturing. Check out the Seaboard RISE playing a jazz guitar below:  


Kano is an awesome computer and coding kit for children. Rebecca Sweetman VP of Operations talked distribution and understanding retail for start-ups. Check out their amazing product below:

Reach Robotics

On a mission to bring robotics and gaming together, Reach Robotics have built a game that brings augmented reality and physical items together. The aim of the game is to set fire to as many digital spiders as possible using your robot. Take a look at their demo below:

And of course we were there too, our CEO Bethany was discussing distribution and how to reach audiences across the world with our DIY Kits.

Overall it was a great night, we really enjoyed seeing all the demos and hearing how the hardware scene in London has grown. We are so proud to be part of the growing London Hardware Scene, which has given us access to so much support, skills and resources to help guide our journey, it was nice to be able to share more of our story with our community.