The BBC micro:bit is not just for school!

The BBC micro:bit is finally here, rolling out to 1 million school children in the UK over the coming weeks. This is an historic moment for schools and the education system, but also for parents and, most importantly, KIDS!

When we designed the BBC micro:bit, we were determined that it would be something cool for kids to create with, and not just in the classroom. We want young people to run home with it, take it to their friend’s house, show it to their grandparents, hack it on the bus, use it in the garden — make and invent everywhere!

To demonstrate how the BBC micro:bit isn’t just for school and how our projects are fun for the whole family, we visited Eliza, Isaac and Joy to see how making makes coding more fun.

They loved getting to grips with the BBC micro:bit as a family, trying out activities such as the Electro Fish game and seeing how the BBC micro:bit works with our kits such as Electro Dough and DIY Thirsty Plant.


Take the BBC micro:bit home

Interested in the BBC micro:bit but can’t get hold of one? Check out our DIY Gamer Kit and inspire more kids to make, play, code and invent.