The Women of Tech Will Save Us: Jessica

Tuesday 8th March

Who are you?


What do you do at Tech Will Save Us?

Find and support learning partners that help us reach young people to make, play and code with technology

Why do you love technology?

If you think ‘I wonder what would happen if…’ or ‘Imagine if you could...’ technology can unlock these questions, opening up a world of opportunities

What’s your favourite piece of tech?

I LOVE the Nominet Trust 100, every year 100 amazing new social tech companies are listed that literally blow my mind! Like an incubator bag for babies born in remote/rural areas. This simple, easy bag can protect infants from disease until they reach a care facility, or Techfugees that can help families reunite after fleeing their home countries –  the list goes on!

Which woman inspired you most to get into your field?

My mom, she’s retired now but she used to run a 911 dispatcher unit for the RCMP in Canada. She was always working with ‘tech people’ when I was growing up to find ways to improve response times for ambulances and police.

If you could have a beer with any other woman in tech who would it be?

Martha Lane Fox, she’s done a lot, overcome a lot and has a sense of humor about it all

Any words for aspiring tech stars?

Help each other out, pull each other up with you.