The Women of Tech Will Save Us: Sophie

Tuesday 8th March

Who are you?

Sophie Pendrell

What do you do at Tech Will Save Us?

I help create meaningful hands on learning opportunities using technology, with a heavy smattering of crafting and tinkering for good measure.

Why do you love technology?

I would not say I love it, but you can’t help but be fascinated by the future, and technology is intrinsically linked to our future, for good or bad. You have to be involved to have a say in how it shapes our world.

What’s your favourite piece of tech?

At the minute, the Skyview app on my phone. When the sky is clear, we regularly check to see where the planets and other celestial bodies are in their orbits. This constantly keeps our perspective in check. We are very very small.

Which woman inspired you most to get into your field?

Sadie Plant, a philosopher and writer on technology whom I was fortunate enough to hear speak back in the 90’s. Reading her book, The Most Radical Gesture, about the Situationist International in relationship to our modern age, empowered me to not only participate in technology, but to challenge it. We need to constantly do both.

If you could have a beer with any other woman in tech who would it be?

Right now, I think I would buy Amy Peake a beer for her vision and determination. She is tirelessly trying to introduce a machine to produce cheap and hygienic sanitary pads into refugee camps. I applaud and celebrate her humanity and compassion.

Any words for aspiring tech stars?

Knowledge is power, read more and take notes.