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Top STEAM Moments 2019: Science

Our team have rounded up the top scientific moments of 2019. From discovering what a black hole really looks like, to global scientifically charged movements. It’s been a big year for science.

1. First ever real image of a black hole

Chris Catton – Head of Product, Creator of Arcade Coder (Dad to Arthur, 7 and Fred, 3)

To me, this was the biggest scientific achievement this year. It’s incredible that almost 235 years since the first theory about the existence of Black Holes was put forward, scientists have finally been able to capture a real image of one! Even more mind-blowing is that the Black Hole they photographed is at the center of supergiant galaxy called M87 located 54 million light-years away!

And despite it being almost three times the size of our entire solar system, this was still like standing in London and trying to see a mustard seed all the way in New York. I’m also amazed by the spectacular feat of collaboration on the part of all the scientists and observatories around the world that came together to form the Event Horizon Telescope which is basically a telescope the size of Earth!

2. Greta Thunberg

Daniel Hirschmann – CPO and Co-founder (Dad to Ash, 8 and Apollo, 8 months old)

For me, the biggest moment in science was Greta Thunberg – not only from a science perspective but also from an environmental & kids’ empowerment standpoint. All that is happening around climate change and the actions that are being taken to mitigate the damage the planet is facing is amazing, and a huge part of that is due to Greta.

She has total clarity on the matter and complete dedication to the issue. I think she’s a unique selfless voice whose only intention is to highlight the impact that humans are having on the world. It’s incredible that we are not doing more to protect this beautiful planet!

As parents, we are conscious of our impact on the planet and are determined to leave the world a better place for our kids. This is why we are starting to design products that have a minimal impact on the environment. For example, our newest Music Studio Kits are 84% recyclable (they are made out of cardboard) and the packaging is also 99% recyclable!

3. 50 Years since Apollo 11

Andreea Grigorascu – Content & Merchandising Manager (Big Sister of Maya – 4 months old)

This is hard! The moments Daniel and Chris mentioned above are definitely on my list, but if I really had to choose one it would have to be the 50 Years anniversary since we landed on the moon as well as the announcement of the Artemis Project.

I think it’s amazing we are finally going back to the Moon – I mean, 50 years? Seriously? BUT, what I loved the most was their announcement that the Artemis Project Moon-landing mission will put the first woman on the surface of the Moon! 

I also love the slogan they chose for it: “We are going, to stay.” I’m a huge advocate for exploring space and developing technology that will allow us to go further and advance our scientific research outside of our small planet.

4. Electro Dough World

Ben Takemori – Global Sales Director – (Dad to Maya (7 years old) and Tobi (4 years old)

My biggest science moment hits a little closer to home. I was really impressed by the new Electro Dough World Kits and the way they teach 4 year olds about the science of electricity and electrical circuits through hands-on play and narrated stories. Kids even get to build more complicated circuits as they advance through the tutorials available on Club Make, our digital learning platform.

My son and his classmates really enjoyed playing and learning with the kits at school and they’re all electricity experts now!