We’re trying out something new

Friday 27th November

It is important to us that we are appealing to the emotional and practical sides of why learning hands on with technology is important to parents and inspiring for kids. We have a user centred approach to the design and development of all of our kits and experiences.

We’ve been working with the wonderful Highbury Fields School to take this further and have created the Future Inventors Club, here’s a little more insight from Mr Fowler;

Technology Will Save Us Workshop (TWSU)

Seven students were given the amazing opportunity to test a new electronics kit and teaching resources, before anyone else in the world. The students taught themselves how to build and operate a musical electronic synthesiser using components and microchips, whilst listening to Kraftwerk’s ‘autobahn’, an early synth classic.

The TWSU visit marks a collaboration between Highbury Fields School and the technology company called the Future Inventors Club. This collaboration will allow our students to use cutting edge technology kits that will teach students some fundamental concepts from STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Maths). TWSU are planning to visit HFS once a month so that different groups of students will get to experience their amazing electronics kits. Here is what the students said:

“I have learnt how to build a DIY Synth kit. It was really fun and I enjoyed it. A DIY synth kit is an electronic instrument that is made by connecting wires together and using different techniques” Taysia

“It was very fun I would recommend it” Isabella B

“We made a DIY synth kit and the best part was being able to make something amazing and have an extraordinary experience” Ayla

“We made a DIY synth kit.  It was hard but the end product was really cool. I would make this or buy this.” Kissa K

“I made a DIY synth kit and I enjoyed making it” Kate R

“I really enjoyed this and it was great fun” Milka Z

“I think it’s really cool and exciting. I love it” Taina B

We would encourage any HFS students who are interested in finding out more about STEM to join the Future Inventors Club, to help them test new products. The club will run on Saturday mornings in Hackney.  If you would like to get involved please visit TWSU.CO/CLUB, speak to Mr Fowler or download an information flyer here.